X Factor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by D-W, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    Who watches X Factor?

    That Cher needs kicked off the show, I cant stand stand her. She reminded me of the girl last year that had the claw. What is with her leg it just takes over and when she is singing that is all that catched my eye!

    What does every one else think?
  2. I'm not sad enough to watch the shite....lol
  3. I prefer Strictly
  4. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    thats worse that X Factor!! the only reason I watch it because their is bugger all else on BFBS
  5. D-W, those professional dancers, i could do a horizontal tango with that Natalie Lowe.
  6. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    I shall give you that one but that on not long after I finish work and thats nap time!!
  7. I don't watch x factor, but Cher I believe that she has staying power. in fact Cher, Cherilyn Sarkisian, to give her her proper name is very good as a performer
    "Believe" made Cher the oldest woman (at age 52) to have a number one hit in the Hot 100 rock era. It also gave her the distinction of having the longest span of #1 hits (more than 33 years) and the largest gap between number ones (10 days short of 25 years).
    I met her once in Montana, and although she was delighted to see me she didn't drink coffee.
  8. i cant stand that cher, everyone is obsessed with her
  9. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    At least some one agrees with me!! What I cant understand is why people are obsessed with her she thinks she is slim shady.

    And I think you are getting confused with the cher that my mother listens to and the 17 year old cher that thinks she is slim shady!
  10. I watch it over the phone with Bootiful whilst the lad hides in the kitchen.

    There is no end to our "That was shite".

    We like the Scouse bird now that Gamu got hoofed, oh and that young lad group (because we are cougars).

    Oh and Cher was shit.

    Did Bootiful tell you she was really a scouser?
  11. SON????

    I wasn't to short for your Mother. At least it filled a perambuletor.
  12. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    I need to have words with my mother. She seems 2 be doing that allot!! lol
  13. D-W, are you a blerk?
  14. D-W

    D-W Swinger

    Please expand??
  15. Cher is a fuckwit Pikey cunt. The Katie creature is a fuckwit drama queen. Oh yeah...and Cheryl Needy needs her hoop rupturing with a giant vegetable marrow.