X Factor tonight!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by osta, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Not that I would admit to watching the above mentioned programme.

    But if I did I would like to point out how refreshing that it was to see that all of the judges and performers wore poppies (allegedly)

    I would also like to point out that I would give danni minogue one as well, if I watched the programme, that is ..........

  2. What give her a poppy ?
    But where would you pin it?

  3. Your right I should have been more specific :oops:
  4. I mean it would be great to plant a poopy somewhere warm, dark and moist to give it the best chance of growing, And I think we can exclude choclate starfish in our hunt!!
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Do they wear poppies by choice or is it the channel handing them out at the begining of filming so their image looks good? Something I've often wondered. I'd rather someone didn't wear one if they're just wearing it for show. Support the RBL not jump on the bandwaggon.

    Or maybe I'm wrong, get everyone wearing them so that the RBL get maximum exposure?
  6. They don't wear poppies by choice.
  7. I'd like to think that's the explanation rather than wearing poppies for show.

    At least they'red ones, not those unspeakable white poppies that used to be around. I've not seen any this year - perhaps they've gone away?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It doesn't bother me if it is enforced. There is probably a signficant element of the "youth" audience who would wear one, but for peer pressure. If this removes that element of being "uncool" because the people on x factor wear one, then all for the good.

    As for Danni, well, if she needs help pinning it on, who am I to refuse?
  9. Agree that this is a dilemma, they should be worn with pride by people who have a genuine understanding (plus kids whose parents understand). I think that many people wear their poppies "just for show" - some save them year o year and never actually contribute.
    Best answer is probably free choice - but mean it!!
  10. About poppies, and a bit of an aside really. I have one on my jacket, as we all have. Because it was warm today I took my jacket off and was down to shirt, hence no poppy. I did not see the chavvy reason to take the poppy off my coat to pin on my shirt, but also at the same time felt guilty that I was not wearing one - even though noone would ever accost me about it. I was tempted to buy another one just for appearances' sake, but obviously didn't.

    The bottom line here is: is wearing a poppy simply the evidence of having given to the RBL Charity in any form, or is it the thought and act of Remembrance, which is a very personal thing. Or in certain cases, is it both.

    Thoughts anyone?
  11. Tightarrse, I've got three.

    Uniform, sportskit, and going out kit.

    Supporter, are we? :evil:
  12. Nah, fuck off I spend a fortune as we all do, that's not the case.

    Question was do we do it for appearances for it and spend 20p per poppy and wear them alles ueber, or do we do it because it matters and spend (whatever we spend) for the donation's sake.
  13. I always buy 3.

    Not because I think thats right, but because I'll always give what I can,

    My old fella does tyrless work for the RBL.

    Not slating anyone for any contribution.

    We will remember them
  14. I wear one on my hi viz at work which i unfortunately have to wear. one on me normal clothes and one on my coat, not cause I want to prove owt just to prove I have respect
  15. I already have 3 poppies, but if I see a seller on the street I'll still put some change in, (if I've got any) wear 'em with pride :D