X Factor now

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by scouse_scribes, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Watching this with Mrs S-S

    They are releasing a single record with all the proceeds going to Help For heroes

    Not one for the show normally but good drills
  2. Nice bit of public awareness well done Mr Cowell.
  3. Aye just saw that there, I'll buy it and give it to my mum or summit :oops:
  4. Great song well sung, should bring in loads of cash for H4H.

    Well done X Factor
  5. Not sure about anywhere else but it's well dusty here!
  6. Dusty? I thought it was the onions
  7. Sh1t - Does this mean I have to like the cnuts on that program now?
  8. IMHO it's a really good effort by the show. Cowell seemed genuine and in todays scum they mentioned one of the girls is a brat. One question though, why was no one wearing a poppy?
  9. No mate, dust, there were some dry throats in the audience I reckon seeing how hard they were swallowing. And not in a rude way either before anyone starts.
  10. Really good to see. Standing ovation for the lads from Headley Court too.
  11. Flashy would like to say something. The Retard.

    I thought it was ace.
  12. Love it or loathe it buy it. I will.
  13. Mrs Lefty has just won her spotter badge: Where was the spanish bint 'Ruth' Not fcuking there, not fcuking taking part. WTF!!!
  14. Being a sad Bastrad I checked the web site and apparently Dan and Ruth got caught behind a door that got stuck, just checked the video and he isn't there either

    more like a tech hitch than someone signing their X factor death warrant