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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Radar63, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. I believe there is a case for paying a degre of X factor to the TA in certain circumstances.

    As a member of a Corps atached to an Inf unit, there is no establishment for SNCO rank at Coy level, so on promotion individuals have to parade at Bn HQ. For the TA this can be a long way from home.
    Whilst HDT compensates for the cost of the extra distance travelled, it does not compensate for inconvenience. In some cases, personnel live too far away from Bn HQ for a journey after work to attend a drill night to be feasible; could this therefore be a de facto bar to promotion?

    The Regular Army salary attracts varying degrees of X factor to acknowledge the difference between military terms and conditions of service and those in civilian life. There may a case for aplying a small percentage to those TA posts which fall into the category abov. Either that or allow Company estabishments to reflect not just what is needed, but what pers are available.

    Anyone else encountered this problem? I'd be interested to hear proposals and ideas.
  2. Err - the Group A TA - ie most of them - are paid 5% X Factor.

    NRPS and FTRS (HC) get the base rate, FTRS (FC) gets the full Reg X Factor.
  3. I don't think that's right. I'll have to check.
  4. No, its not right. TA & FTRS HC get the reduced rate, FTRS FC get the full rate. NRPS do not get X faxtor at all.
  5. In that case someone owes me 5% of 18 months wages from an FTRS stint a couple of years ago. FTRS HC do NOT get X factor.
  6. Read the Armed Forces Pay Review Body annual report, it is clear who does and doesn't get the X factor. Not being TA myself I didn't bother remembering the figures however some TA do get it. IIRC it was removed from OTC members recently for patently obvious reasons which leads me to believe most members of the TA probably do get some form of X factor if the OTC did until recently.

    As a further point the X factor is not shown on the pay statement so it's not possible to work out whether you do or don't get it simply from your pay statement.

    If you can be bothered reading the report I think that the bit about the X factor is somewhere near the end.

    Happy reading.
  7. I don't think the X-factor has been removed for the UOTC yet, I'd hazard a guess it might come with the next increase - ie they'll apply the increase minus the x-factor rather than just suddenly take it off.
  8. Agreed, having just started FTRS (HC) it would be nice to have a pay rise, but knowing full well that HC and NRPS attract NO X Factor.

    TA 5%

    FTRS (FC) & Regular 14%

    Is what I have always been told/read.