X Factor at Headley Court

It must have taken me 5-10 minutes to get the link between his name and his login on here!!

Christ, I'm getting old.

It looks like he's trying to inhale her (and if you were mate, I wouldn't blame you either)
Fair play to them visiting, l'm sure they learned something. Notably we will remember the boys long after the X - Idol dancing factor or whatever they are have been forgotten, which is normally around boxing day.
Looks like a good day! That Cher could have taken her bloody chewing gum out tho. I hope she was forced to run around the gym in her undies as punishment.

I'd pay good money to watch that.

Nice wheels dingerr ^_~
Dirty DIRTY ol' man!:)
Wait till all her fucking tribe turn up in caravans and park on his front lawn. If you like one, you like 'em all.
Whatever we think about Cowell and the X Factor bandwagon, looking at the photos it certainly looks like they all had a good day. Be interesting to hear their version of a Bowie classic.
Heard on the radio on Tuesday. It's dire.
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