X Coy 5RRF Open Evening Tonight 21/10/08

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Geordiemonkey, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. if enyones interested we have an open night on at xcoy 5rrf at st georges ta centre sandyford road jesmond tonight 21/10/08
    come and have a look
  2. I'm sure you can sell it better than that GM. Get some imagery up of stuff you guys have done and are doing.

    Oh, and a phone number and timings would be good too. ;)
  3. yeah i havt got enything handy i just thought id mention it cause i notices that no one had put it up

    therel be displays of stuff weve done and on basic training and cic
    various weapons will be on display rifles lsw gpmg 51mortor 9milly etc
    we have a rifle plt and an sf plt
    recruiting staff and members of the coy will be on hand to ansder eny questions and the bar will be open
    at the end ofv the night to give visitors a chance to speak to members of the coy who are deploying to afgan (myself included)
    tats about all i know cause im not realy involved with the event as im getting pre deployment training

    hope to see a good few there hope this helps
  4. phone :01912797290

    timings just rock up sometime after 7 apart from that i dont know
  5. Quick question actually, how come one of the 5 RRF coys is capbadged Rifles with the Fusiliers TRF.

    Completely off topic but I've often wondered!
  6. just because there part of our bn realy weve actaly got one coy (D coy) as rifles and half of HQ coy are aswell they actualy got choice of cap badge during training they also form CIS plt
    not entirely sure on a reason for this tho apparently something to do with the area theyr ins historical connection to the DLI
  7. Ahh thanks for clearing that up for me!

  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    D Coy is one the old LI Coys that were geographically impractical to bring into the new Territorial Rifles Battalions (6th Bn is in the South West an 7th is the South East). They currently are part of the 5 RRF and 4 Mercians, there are rumours afoot that there will be an 8 RIFLES some day soon to bring these poor stranded Riflemen back into the fold.

    As for the rest of the their current battalions.... Their time will come. They too will be Borged!
  9. As an ex X Coy bloke myself it's good to see you guys deploying again. Ran into some old faces on Telic 4 at Basrah Palace. Been a while since I was there as a smelly student!
  10. Good luck from an old X-Coy man when it was 6RRF.

    To answer above when His Toniness killed 6RRF and other Bns, to try to keep the local tone and not lose the regiments entirely they resorted to the old expedient of having 'mongrol' Bns.
    It also allows hope that one day in the future they may be expanded into what they once were, though I can't see it happening tomorrow, or the day after.
  11. Greetings GM, just a quick hello mate and a mind how you go in afghan,ex 6RF X COY- 6PLT, HQ COY :twisted: