X Country running/Mtn Biking kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Morty, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. How do chaps, i'm after a couple of bits of kit that I can use for both cross country running and mountain bikeing. Mainly, a lightweight waterproof and windproof jacket that wont cost the Earth and can be rolled up and forgot about when not in use, and a small (10 - 20ltr) daysack to keep it in, pref with some kind of hydration bladder built in. Any useful links or reccomendations would be mucho appreciato hombres.

    Also, a pair of decent trainers that I can use for both activities, I'm currently plodding around in a pretty crap pair of Adidas Xtrainers which are ok for jogging around the local parks, but a bit rubbish on the hills.

  2. Jacket: I use the Buffalo Windshirt. It's pertex, so not completely waterproof, but basically indestructable. Pit-zips are useful if you sweat buckets.

    Rucksack: I use the Berghaus 64zero, which is a good bag and surprisingly robust. I know the KIMM range is good too. You need a slightly different spec for running vs. cycling bags, but as long as you don't overpack your bag, these should sort you out.

  3. I have an arktis stowaway that is great
    a bit on the lightside
    but packs awfully small and weights less than 200g
    You can get it on ebay for 20 quids (decent colors) or even 12 quids (ugly yellow)
    plus S&H, of course