X Country Driver Trg

Any MD type people out there....i want some of my lads to do some x-country driver trg. Local area (Aldershot, Eelmoor etc.). Nothing too major, just instruction on how diff locks work etc, and some circuits of the area. Couple of 4t/8t trucks.
All the lads will be fam'd up, from DST and it will be on the FMT 600 that they have had x-country ticked (this is refresher trg).
Can i, a SNCO holding 4t/8t licences etc, but not holding mil driving instr quals instruct them?
sorry to be the person of bad news: nope
if you speak to your BDE master driver he will point you in the right direction and find you a GSDI or an old DDI who can teach and "fam" your drivers, which is normaly a 1 to 1 on x-country driving, takes a few hours per soldier but brings the point of Diff or not to Diff Lock depending on the vehicle driven at the time,as i'm sure your aware this new word "duty of care" has caught a few people out,

DLAI's can not "fam" soldiers there job is only to teach them to past a driving test

any problems reply to me and i may be able to help
Sol3ier, you have PM.

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