X box online

Anyone use this??? Is it any good - best games for it??
I have a friend out here in Venezuela wh has bought an X Box (original) but with a mod chip and 20 less than original, albeit perfect games.
Are there any probs running these games on X box live or have those greedy Microsoft types made sure you cant?
I wholly agree piracy is a terrible thing and have recommended my friend stop buying these games for £3 and start shelling out £50 like a good citizen should.
I remember reading somewhere that if you try it may fk up said Xbox or something bad like that - anyone know the score here??
XBox live WILL detect pirate copies and will land you with a permenent ban. Sorry I have some copies given to me by my brother however and sadly cannot play them online.

Also even if you are running a authentic game, if the chip is switched on then Xbox live will detect that and ban you. I personally have a switch fitted to the back of mine allowing me to turn it off when not needed.

As far as I know though it is not illegal to chip your Xbox at least in the UK as you can argue that you are freeing up the original software to mould to your own needs, for example I can play (legitimate) dvds without the official playback kit - requires learning how to use the pad as a subsitiute for all the remote buttons but as far as I know that aspect of chipping is not illegal.
Green Homer is absolutely correct on this one. You will get a life ban if caught which is a waste of 40 quid for the years subscription.

As for the games if you like racing games I can highly recommend Project Gotham Racing 2 which was released as a free with a years subsciption so theres plenty of n00bs (i know im a geek) on there which should help with a nice gradual learning curve.

Ghost Recon 2 is also a really good online shooter but be careful who you play with because you will probably end up spending more tiem dead waiting to respawn than actually cutting about shooting at folk.

HALO 2 is full of stupid little American geeky kids who will just tan you absolutely everywhere and then they will let you know about it (eg. I owned you, you fcuking noob i fuxored you up cos i am uberl33t) or words to that effect

There are plenty of other games out there and ive never had too much lag on any of them but having said that if you want to play decent FPS or RTS then just use your PC as the keyboard is so much easier to use than a mouse.
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - isn't too bad online if your into football that is, Can be quite laggy in the one half as the host switches.

Halo 2 - Great game if you can bare high pitched little american dweebs (which is very hard), as the person above stated they tend to scream "double killlll" as high as they can etc etc, which winds you up bad if your hot tempered.

Project Gotham Racing is a superb racing game online.

Battlefield 2 - Quite good but it's very hard to get used to.

Games I wouldn't suggest to play online are..

Spinter Cell - rubbish online, not to bad offline.

Fifa 06 - need I say more than "pro evo destroys it in all ways except liscences"

Has as been said you WILL get banned for going online with a modded Xbox, my friend attempted it and was banned within 20 minutes. Normal Xbox's are pretty cheap now, If you need a free 2 months Xbox Live trial just send me a PM and I will happily give you one.

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