Wyvern Barracks

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by spankmahonie, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Ive been told that my selection and 6 weekends training will be at Wyvern Barracks in Exeter, and was told its a bit of a dump, but anybody got any experience of how much a s**thole it really is? Just want to be nosy and know what s**t to expect regarding quality and stuff.
  2. Be careful about slating something before you've experienced it.
    However, life is an education, so here's the answer your looking for.
    I have plenty of experience of Wyvern Barracks, and the RTC.
    It is far from being a dump,and I have been to a great many camps across the country. You have been ill informed.
    It is also not the ritz, the accomodation consists of large rooms varying between 16 and 28 beds all accommodation is centered around the main offices and covers three large blocks to one side of the square/car park. The showers are admittedly limited in number, but are all brand spanking new, and not communal. Each Platoon will have use of seperate ablutions, as will the females. Cookhouse and bar are all refurbished in the last four years. Classrooms are spread throughout various parts of the camp, but you will do the majority of your lessons in the OTC building.
    The biggest let down is the Gymnasium, which was allowed to go into disrepair over a number of years, when the RTC was formed, it suddenly became needed again, it is fully kitted out for the selection, but apart from this not much use else. There is money in the pipeline for a new build in the future.
    When you arrive on Friday report to Block 9,to sign in and be allocated your room.
    It'll be pretty quiet around camp after breakfast as the platoons are deploying out onto the area. Listen to what's being said, and remember you are constantly being assessed.
    Best of luck and all that.
  3. Well I can't tell you anything about Wyvern Barracks but Exeter is ok. Very relaxed city with a studenty (young!) nightlife. Close to the sea and Dartmoor, so plenty of opportunities to explore if you have the time. It gets a few visitors at the weekends from a certain camp down the road at Lympstone, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you.

    PM me if you want any more information.
  4. Cheers for the replies fellas, you're quite right its just somewhere to doss at the end of the day, and its the course that its all about.Still looking forward to going, although have to wait til end of june.Cheers.
  5. Going through it at the moment; You'll love it! The PTI's are good at their jobs (work you hard but for the right reasons and in the right way). The platoon staff all know their stuff and with one exception are a good bunch (the other guy is a personal thing on my part). The accommodation is fine and the food pretty good. The gym is sh!t but we've never used it except to take our initial tests and to take out and put back equipment etc.

    Advice: Get fitter, try harder, WORK AS A TEAM, help each other (even the ars£holes), don't moan, put 100% in and have a sense of humour.... enjoy! :D
  6. Just PM'd you, OnTheBus
  7. Just come back from Wyvern and selection.

    All was good nice rooms, food and training staff were great, look forward to going there on training.
  8. What was the selection like then? enjoyable, hard, fun or complete bollox?
  9. Errrm, did you not read the above posts?
  10. The cells are to the extreme right of the main gate on the bottom of the square.
    From what i recall they were "puke 70s porn orange" in Dulux paint chart speak!
  11. wyvern is a good place with brilliant food, training is hard but you get out what you put in, there are worse places, if you are moaning about where you are doing training etc why join the army because you will be sleeping in fields and possibly deserts
  12. Useful words there, Richy. Why did you wait two years before letting the OP know your opinion?.
  13. too be honest didnt see the date, i have just joined the site