Wycombe Wanders FC!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Proximo, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Yay! We're top of the table again!

    Bring it on! :D
  2. Top of the old 4th (basement) division in old money - great achievement
  3. Fcuk off, cnut. You obviously know fcuk all about REAL supporting. Well done to wycombe and they should have gone up last year, but limped towards the end of the season like an asthmatic Skeggy donkey. They were lucky to beat us 1-0 (Mansfield) at Adams Park (as it should be called) a couple of weeks ago. Chimp, cnut like you REALLY grip my shite. Last week Mansfield were away at Hartlepool on the Tue and away yest at Torquay, a total return journey of the best part of 1200 miles and we took over 300 fans to each. (and we lost both of the fcukers) That is real supporting.

    Who do you support, bellwhiff???
  4. You are a Cnut... Before spouting off you should of asked the question who I support. Bristol City, and I am a fcuking proper supporter, born in Bristol and follow my team home and away, WITH proper support, 300 is pathetic. I travelled back twice a month from Cyprus to watch my team for two seasons, would you do that you poor excuse of a granny fcuking plastic londoner/readingite.

    Where were those true 300 when the times were shite????

  5. LOL You should know better than gobbing off about lower league football.
    And I was a season ticket holder while serving in Osnabruck.
    Were you at Wembley in 87 cnut?

    I was.

    God bless Gordon Owen and David Moyes.


    Mansfield is a small town, and the team is achieving roughly to its potential, so 300 fans away to Hartlepool on a Tuesday night is a decent turnout. How big is Bristol? For the size of Bristol, your support is fcuking pathetic.

    "you poor excuse of a granny fcuking plastic londoner/readingite"

    Don't confuse where you live with where you come from.

    When you were sunbathing above and beyond the call of duty, were you a Golly??
  6. totally agree with you about the support for the size of Bristol but I didnt lay into you abusively until YOU replied to my obvious truth.

    By the way I WAS their in 87 and had to leave 15 mins before the end so I could catch my flight back to Cyprus having arrived only 9 hours before the game.
  7. Sh1thead!! :wink:

    oh and just cos i enjoyed it so much
    Well done Mansfield
  8. Forniup.

    You wouldn't be a Gashead by any chance would you ???
  9. Better Dead than Red!

    Hang on while I start a redition of Goodnight Irene
  10. LOL My good friend.
  11. Now do we really go down the route of how succesful GASHEADS ARE??? Not a good season for the boys in blue and white to be crictical of their far better cousins across the divide is it. LOL oh how I laugh when I think of them....hehehehehehe
  12. Fair point but i can't get past the fact that I FCUKIN HATE CITY
  13. Fulham.

    Who? :D
  14. A Wycombe Wanderers thread!!! Living outside of Essex most of my life WW are my local team. Old school mate scored the winner in the 92 FA Vase final at Wembley v Kidderminster but he was not quite good enough for league football so was axed by Martin O'Neil when he was manager then, taking us to a FA Vase, Conferance double in '93. Sad to see my mate at the Wembley final in a suit and tie with all the other fringe players. Humped Runcorn 4-1 that day. Ahhh, what a night on the p1ss!!!
  15. DoomandGloom,why have you changed your name to O2Thief?
    Is it to hide from MDN,Halveg,Guru etc etc?

    They will find you