As of 7pm, September 2nd, 2012;
In 12 hours, Welcome; Gentlemen of the Corps | Sappers.co.uk - for all Royal Engineers will be 1 year old. In that time it has grown to 3134 users; from Jack Bennett who seved in Africa in 1940-1943 through to Jonathan Cole who is currently serving with 60 Sqn. It has put hundreds of people in touch with each other, some who haven't met for over 40 years, advertised some sapper businesses, displayed almost a thousand photos and also kept me very busy. It may look simple, but I'm actually pretty proud of it and the service it performs.

It's not a site to replace ARRSE, it does a completely different job. If you want chat and banter then you need to keep sites like ARRSE and Facebook to do that. sappers.co.uk is just a lookup tool specifically designed for us Engineers to find each other over the years. Have a look, create your own service details on there, then see who else you can find. It's all free, it's all private, and it's all my own work. I don't sell your email addresses to a Nigerian oil minister, or ask for your postal address so you get junk mail, it's just a great big address book for us to keep in touch with each other no matter where we ended up getting posted.

To all who've signed up, thanks for making it work. Ubique.
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