WWI's Forgotten Heroes

Just caught up again with Art who'd been off gallivanting around the world earlier in the year doing some more filming for Channel 4. He'll be presenting a couple or three programmes between now and Christmas, the first of which is on Channel 4 this Sunday at 1900 entitled 'WWI's Forgotten Heroes' (as per the thread title).

"Secret History: Former commando Arthur Williams explores the experiences of the two million British soldiers who sustained life-changing injuries and disabilities in World War I."
I have been with Mrs Teddson for nearly fifteen years and only found out today that her maternal grandfather was a WWI RFC/RAF hero, winning the DFC for what seems to me to be an act of either drunkenness, lunacy or desperation.

He was flying a DH9 light bomber and took on a pack of more than 30 Fokkers. Between him and the observer/gunner they shot down 5 Boxhead fighters and cleared off sharpish. I think the German pilots were a bit bewildered and confused.

Wiki page here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Spurling

It was only after ten years together that I discovered her paternal grandfather was a hero (DSO etc.) serving in the SAS in WWII.

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