WWII Tank Event this weekend - Build up to D-Day in Dorset

Evening all,

Some may remember that I held a tank event back in 2010 here in Dorset called Armour & Embarkation Armour & Embarkation June 22 - 24 2012 UK TANK EVENT It is on again this weekend.

We are travelling in 60 WWII vehicles through the lanes of Dorset from Maiden Newton at War to Dorchester town centre on the Saturday then off to Weymouth Veterans Parade on Sunday. If you are free and want to see an amazing amount of WWII armour and tanks then please drop in to Maiden Newton or Martintown and Dorchester.

And some more.........It was one hell of a day and the purpose was to commerate the build up of men and equipment for embarkation - Weymouth & Portland. We had five tanks - this time we may have up to 20.......

Just as the armed forces are being reduced due to cost, you're going to show up with a wedge of roadworthy armour? I'll laugh like a drain when its all requisitioned by MOD!

Nice wagons though, I did have a WC 52 for a while, great fun. Hope it stays nice for you.

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