WWII Style Bomber Nose Art - "British Images"

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Gundulph, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Anyone have any images of British Military 'Nose Art Style'. The RAF have had some excellent ones on their Bombers and Fighter Jets, paste your own British style below here...

    Tank Crews, Personnel Carriers and even Drops vehicles have been known in the past to have the odd bit of Artwork added during Ops...

    We had 'Union Jackie' commissioned a while ago actually based on a glamour model (I have the original pics, as she had to be photographed with Baps out as we insisted on a well proportioned young lady to do the modelling and the artist insisted she had to get them out for the initial groundwork :wink: )

    Here is an example of what can be done:


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  2. Their used to an Army Scout heli with a donkey painted on the side.
    When I asked why I was told that a Trooper from a cavalry regt had tried to board on one side and was told to board from opposite side so he broke all rules and run round the rear getting cut to pieces in the Tail Rotor.
  3. Surprised Spike hasn't posted these up .. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22179 .. stumbled across them as I am making a Tonka model for a neighbour.

    Best Nose art I saw on an RAF aircraft was the Jaguar "Kill" marking applied to a Wildenrath F-4 after it mistakenly shot down a Jag. Have to see if a mate still has the photo.
  4. Tpr Kennealy A Sqn 17/21 Lancers Omagh 27/3/73 I did not know him very well RIP
  5. I wondered if Tpr Kennealy would be remembered at the Palace Barracks Memorial. He is, and here's the entry
  6. Ah well my memory failed me there
  7. But I did go to Terry Williams Funeral and it was in Berlin where his parents ran a Pub
  8. Gundulph's pictures would almost certainly have certain crab senior officers spinning in their graves. 56 Sqn had one of their Phantoms decorated with a shark's mouth for a one-off air display in the late seventies. OC 56 liked it so much that he kept it until some peppery old stuffed shirt from 11 Group told him to 'take it orf!'.

    The RAF in those days apparently didn't 'do that sort of thing'.
  9. tenk kraker

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  10. My uncle was driving that helly
  11. ...by 'those days' I meant the 1970s...and I was portraying the views of the RAF heirarchy in an ironical light, cos we all knew it went on.
  12. Flt Lt Jan Zumbach (303 'Polish' Sqn) with his Mk V, BM144,
    (r) Wg Cdr Stefan Witorzenc (OC 1st Polish Fighter Wing)

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  13. I must know him as I was crewing a Sioux in Creggan Camp that day