WWII RE Bomb Disposal George Medal Recipient Maj Lionel Meynell

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Passed on to me by the Secretary of the Royal Engineers Association Bomb Disposal Branch ...

    Maj Lionel Meynell GM

    RIP Major Meynell GM

    What We Do In Life -

    - Echoes In Eternity
  2. ******** keep putting my foot in it today :S
  3. Are you for real?! Please read what this thread is about.
  4. Yep received this yesterday from Foss, a sad day for us all.
  5. Not many of the Old Boys left now mate. Foss is doing a great job of getting the word around that the RE BD Association isn't just for WWII Vets but for all who have served in RE Bomb Disposal over the years and especially those who are serving now, who will be the future of the Association, they have an Annual Dinner in the Sgts Mess at Wimbish as well as have a stand at the Regimental Open Day and thanks to Foss and his contact lists online the word of these is being spread more and more; due to his diligence the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Branch was represented by over 50 serving and former members of the Corps for the march past on Remembrance Day last year, the most to attend in many years.

    Well Done to Foss for his hard work...
  6. Foss does excellent work and it is my shame that I will not be able to make the reunion next week as it promises to be an almighty piss up. It is especially bad considering I only live 4 mile from the Barracks gate.