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WWII Plane crashes at airshow

A WWII plane taking part in an airshow has crashed, according to police.

A spokesman for Shoreham Airshow in West Sussex confirmed the aircraft - thought to be a World War II plane - went down in countryside.

He said the accident happened away from the airfield on Saturday afternoon and no spectators were hurt.

It is not clear how many people were on board the plane but the spokesman described the accident, which happened one mile from the airfield, as serious.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "There has been an aircraft crash that was taking part in the Royal Air Forces Association show.
It was a Hurricane, plenty of details on other forums, esp Pprune.
Terrible tragedy.

A precious aircraft and even more precious life on board. Sadly no parachute seen. RIP.

BBC News 24, as only a journalist can, describing it as an Me109.
Along with the BBC website described the missing man formation as "Two Spitfires carried out a flypast in the "man missed in action" formation" as well.

Terrible news, may he Rest In Peace.
Journalists........... Words fail me.

So sad that it should happen, and on Battle of Britain Day as well.

It brings a lump to my throat to remember just a couple of weeks ago being at Duxford. The sound of a Merlin warming up, then the glorious sight of a Hurrican speeding along the runway and heading where she belonged.

The sky.

Just heard the latest ... RIP and condolences to family and friends.

A sad loss.

That's the price for being aircrew and an enthusiast.

Particularly poignant on a personal level, the day after my brother-in-law [ex-RAF Vulcan driver] spent an hour flying one of the display ac from the Jersey Airshow. :roll:

Tony Smith's team do a fantastic job up in Yorkshire. Now waiting to hear further details.

An awful tragedy, RIP to the Pilot, his family and colleagues at RaC.
PartTimePongo said:

Tony Smith's team do a fantastic job up in Yorkshire. Now waiting to hear further details.

An awful tragedy, RIP to the Pilot, his family and colleagues at RaC.
PTP ... can we have a link to the organisation?

Some donations [not that they cure the losses] from ARRSErs might be appropriate?

Guys like this do so much for the public, at HUGE personal cost [Financial, as well as this Final one].
PartTimePongo said:
http://www.realaero.com/ was where I remembered her from.

The Aircraft may be now owned by Spitfire Ltd. at Duxford though, as part of a syndicate headed by Cliff Spink from memory.
Thanks, PTP. I'll follow that line ...
very sad, I was there at the time.

I was working at the Airshow, my team stopped the traffic to get the firecrews though on to the field.

very very sad. the hurricane was doing a loop the loop and couldnt pull up in time, it hit the deck at a huge speed. it just burst into flames.

RIP pilot.
Two more precious worldly entities lost. One human and the other an iconic machine. Both of which cannot be replaced. A very sad day.

My thougths are with the family and friends of the pilot.

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