WWII Nazis Tank Manuals - unexpectedly hilarious!


War is supposed to be a serious business, right? Not according to German WWII technical writers who turned the thick, boring tank manuals for "Tiger" & "Panther" tanks into a "Popular Science"/"Playboy"/comic book combination. These juicy manuals proved to be so popular, that they were even translated into Russian and read throughout the Soviet Army tank corps. I could not find the Russian "link-jacked" versions, but here are a couple of genuine Nazi tank manuals, with full versions readily available on the net.


There were other 'Fibel' books produced for other weapons. A good idea, make dry facts, figures and numbers into something more likely to be remembered by your average Landser.

Used to have a copy of Tiger fibel myself but flogged it years ago.


There's some absolutely marvellous stuff in there. And who said the Krauts have no sense of humour?

It's also good to see the old "Sütterlin Schrift" getting a bit of an airing again. It went out of fashion right after WWII because it was associated with the Nazis, but it's such a beautiful, artistic script.

J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing in Canada has a huge selection of reprints of German Army books,also a few Russian.They also carry some of the Heimdal publications (French), very good photo albums including one very large one on Pegasus Bridge.

I have an original German copy of the history of the 503d Tiger battalion, and it has a copy of the Tiger Fibel in a pocket in the back. Not sure if the Fedorowicz reprint of this unit history includes the Tiger Fibel. Most of their reprints cover the Eastern Front and the units serving there.
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Full manuals available here (page down to instruction manuals)

Interestingly they portray the range at which different allied tanks can be engaged (I think, my German is rusty)

Second link is password protected and will not display.

Manuals for both the Panther and Tiger tanks can be found at the first link and they both have sections in them which talk about the range that different Allied tanks (including Russian T-34s) can successfully be engaged.

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