WWII Malta - Recommended reading

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by pensionpointer, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Off to Malta in Oct. Anyone recommend any reading on the WWII campaign to defend the Island?


  2. Fortress Malta - An Island Under Siege 1940 - 1943 James Holland

    Make sure you go to Fort Rinella, which houses the Armstrong 100 Tn Artillery piece

    The staff there are fantastic. They re-enact Victorian rifle drill with the Martini Henry, including bayonet drill and volley fire

    You also get the chance, for a few euros, to fire a 19 " field piece

    It's tied in with the WW2 tunnel experience and the mini bus is free
  3. Possibly my favourite all time book is Ernle Bradford's "The Great Siege" detailing the siege of Malta in 1565. I have a feeling he also wrote one on the WW2 siege as well, but cannot find the title. He certainly served on Malta during the War. Anyone going to Malta needs to read the first book - it is an incredible piece of writing.
  4. Siege: Malta 1940-1943 by Ernle Bradford
    Paperback ISBN 0140100822 second hand under a Pound
    Hardback ISBN 0688047815 second hand about £4

    BookFinder Search

  5. Definately pick up Laddie Lucas's book Malta: The thorn in Romel's side - six months that turned the war. Cracking read.
    I'd second Fortress Malta.
    Pedestal: The convoy that saved Malta is also interesting.
  6. Look at Malta Story the film loosly based on the exploits of Adrian Warburton. I think the film was shot over Malta and has lots of footage using aircraft of the time. The biography of Warburton is well worth reading. Warburton's War by Tony Spooner The love story between Warburton and his bint melts the heart of even the most flinty and dissaproving other half.
  7. Thanks for the reading list. I just bought Ernle Bradford's "Siege Malta: 1940-43" off Ebay for £2.69 with free postage so will start with that.

    Strange name Ernle - not come accross that one before.



  8. Just read Holland's book on Italy ("Italy's Sorrow" I think). If his Malta book is anywhere near as good, I would heartily recommend it.
  9. Bad CO

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    Definitely worth a read, especially if you're visiting Malta. I'd also recommend The Siege of Malta, 1565: Translated from the Spanish by Francesco Balbi di Correggio (translated Ernle Bradford) for the perspective from the ordinary foot soldier.
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  11. I actually purchased a copy of it in a shop in Malta on my honeymoon. Decent story behind the air war. Loved Malta - if you want some advice on where to stay, where to eat etc feel free to pm me. My great-grandfather spent a long time with the Garrison Artillery in Fort Tigne - not far from the hotel we stayed in in Sliema - just a shadow of what it once was, but other forts are in much better shape. Rented a car and drove round most of them - loved Gozo as well. Worth taking a boat trip (despite the wallet hit) around the Island too - pretty nice day out.
  12. Do not miss the War Museam