WWII British/German Differences

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by make_safe!!, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. I have herd it mentioned a few times that a lot of our British Army Doctrine and orders process is based on the German Army from WWII.

    Can anyone recommend any reading material on this subject? Any books that compare the British/German Tactics/doctrine during the war and the subsequent restructuring of the British Army system?

    One example is that RMAS is based on a German 'Officer School'.

    Cheers for any suggestions!
  2. I know it's definitely true for the US. I think every modern military was in some way influenced by the German Army.
  3. We decided to not go with coal scuttle helmets, swastikas and gassing jews, however.
  4. [q]WWII British/German Differences[/q]

    We won, they didn't?
  5. yes but four on to one wasent really fair...
  6. yes but you cant count the japs and ites,,, they were not really trying
  7. FAIR? Neither was invading Poland!
  8. it was germanys in the first place they just wanted it back...
  9. Haven't any references but I undestand it is not so much a WW2 thing but some couple of hundred years ago the Prussians got severely stuffed in a war and had a serious think about the problem and came up with the concept of having procedures for expected occurances, this gave senior officers the time to worry about the unexpected and improved their effectiveness resulting in the various 19th C successes of the Prussian Army. WW1 as a static trench war did not allow such things to have much impact but were ideally suited to blitzkreig so we and the yanks studied the concept and applied it to our own army

    Not so much to do with why we have Sandhurst as what we teach there.

  10. They got a head start though...
  11. and they did do england a favour giving the french a kicking..,and the belgiums,russians,dutch,czechs,,,,,
  12. my bold
    Isnt that Clausewitz (sp?) he got stuffed by Napoleon and came up with the idea of staff colleges, a professional army and delegation to sub-unit comds- up to that point i think the prussians were pretty much conscripts and even POWs forced to fight!


    I was under the impression that the krauts have an officer process whereby they (the Potential officers) spend one year in the ranks at Pte then Cpl and then finally Sgt before they receive their commission? is this sh*te i have been fed for years?

    Isnt there some famous quote (so famous i can't remember it) along the lines of

    'i could conquer the world if given german officers and british soldiers'

    (a confused and intrigued) Red
  13. To be fair, i htink its fairly well acknowledged that if Hitler didn't have such a facination with gassing Jews and other smaller obsessions, then the Allied powers would have got a much more servere kicking!

    And yes, the concept of Mission Command is based on a German philosophy!

  14. Perhaps not, the theft of Jewish assets, down to the gold in their teeth was a major source of funding for the German economy

  15. From what i remember a lot of the stuff in the book on arctic warfare or ECWW came from the German's experience on the Eastern front, but they themselves learnt a lot from the Finns and Russians.

    Perhaps we should have...the Yanks did when they switched to kevlar and they're not the only ones that have a distinct 'jerry style' of lid today. Our 'battle bowler' was utter pants.