WWII Arnhem Short Film needs your help! Profits go to H4H...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by joshuaj85, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Hello Gents,

    I'm a former Para turned filmmaker who is seeking to put together a short film to mark the 70th Anniversary of Arnhem next year.

    All profits from the film will be going to H4H (I'm working for no payment), and we are trying to raise support to get the film funded.

    Please head over to: 'What Manner of Men' - A WWII Arnhem Short Film by Josh Fortune — Kickstarter

    If you like what you see, would be great if you could pledge anything (even as small as a quid!), or share it with people you know who might be interested!

    Thank you,


    NB. The film won't just be a Para porn fest - there were other regiments at Arnhem too!
  2. Hi Josh,

    Do you have a twitter feed?

  3. Hey Mullers - we are sorting one out today for it! As well as an official website and FB profile!

    I've never had a personal twitter feed - as I never thought I'd much much worth saying! haha
  4. Twitter will help spread the word wide and far very quickly. Tweet anyone and everyone you know about this, don't be shy about it.
  5. Thanks - wilco!
  6. Wow - £510 raised from Arrse blokes already. Truly humbling support - keep it up guys!
  7. Have you been in touch with this group....Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe

    They do re-enactments at Arnhem and other sites;they have access to uniforms and chutes from that era. They are run by an ex RCT loadie and have ex service and civvies amongst their manifest.

    If you need any phone numbers etc, feel free to pm me....and a few quid hoyed into the pot.
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  8. Nice one - will hit them up! Also, every quid in the pot helps - thank you!
  9. Yep. Message sent.
  10. Why H4H as some have issues with that charity.
  11. Well, there's discussions about doing some others - like Royal British Legion and ABF too, but I am in discussions with them to work out the best way to do it.

    Either way - all proceeds going to military charities! Thanks
  12. Bunch of cocks.

    Was doing med cover, cant remember which year.

    Anyway these carried on jumping when everyone else stopped.

    Refused to listen to us, and said that their own medic could handle it (godfrey bag)

    How we laughed when someone creamed in and the young groupie women screamed for us to help, just before we FOd.
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  13. Dick.

    Where was this in and what's the local statute of limitation I wonder?
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  14. Seconded. Give us the details throbber.
  15. Peen-arrse