WWII and MI6

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by linlin, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm doing some research into my dad's life in WWII and have irrefutable proof that he was recruited by MI6. The documents I have seem to have been kept in order to prove what he did and where he went. Amongst them is a letter dated 14 Sept 1944 from Room 900 of the War Office saying that they were no longer able to retain his services (post invasion). Next in chronological order is a receipt from Post Office Savings Bank confirming a deposit of £270 into his account - dated 28th Sept 1944. Taking inflation into account, that equates to approx £6400. Is it common knowledge that MI6 agents were paid for services rendered?
  2. Try this link:


    If you contact these with some details i'm sure they will point you in the right direction.
  3. Do you have any interesting documents? Anything more substantial than a receipt from the Post Office and a P45?
  4. Yes, thanks, some VERY interesting documents! RPS report - 8 pages; covering letter from Foreign & Commonwealth Office; Request to attend interview(s) 1943; Authorisation to proceed from Gibralter to UK in 1944 (in false name); Entry into UK without ID - 1944; Request from 6801 MIS-X US Army (Paris) for information from those who assisted allied escapees - 1946; two letters from French civilians......."Needless to tell you how often we have thought of you wondering if you had been able to get to England safely." "We see you had again changed your name" "XXXX told you that our commissions have been accomplished with your recommendations and directions" "Having continued our underground work the BBC was useful and encouraging for us,"; The second letter confirms that the suitcase and contents which you left behind will be sent.
    No P45's, but I think the above (and others in my possession) substantial enough!

    I'll ask my question again: Is it common knowledge that MI6 agents were paid for services rendered?
  5. Why wouldn't they be paid?

    It all sounds quite interesting, planning on a book?
  6. Possibly. But ultimately, a film, provided my research gets results.
  7. SIS was the name in them days, any idea witch branch, section-D perhaps?
  8. Yes "agents" could have been paid for services rendered, either one off payments or on a retainer. For example, early in WWII an astrologer was hired to make future predictions first by Naval Intelligence, then by SOE and finally by PWE for propaganda purposes and was paid handsomely for it! The secret services also paid people to act as couriers, smugglers, spread propaganda and, of course, supply intelligence.

    Are you sure your father was working for SIS (aka MI6)? It could have been any number of British secret organisations as well as numerous foreign ones. 6801 sounds like an SOE symbol. MIS-X wasn't that some sort of Operation Paperclip type outfit or perhaps I'm thinking of something else? Also he could have some involvement with MI9 - the escape and evasion department.


    Edited to add that MIS-X was the US equivalent of MI9. It sounds more like your father was involved with MI9 rather than MI6.
  10. Have a check with the Imperial War Museum archivers. They are a fund of knowledge, sometimes on the most obscure of subjects so they should be right up to speed on this one.

  11. Rheinstorff you're correct Room 900 was MI9, I knew it rang a bell with me.

    Also check out MI9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945. (ISBN: 0316288403) Foot, M. R. D. and J. M. Langley.
  12. Thanks for those links - I'll check them out. Yes, I'm 99% sure he was with MI9 but cannot get UK access to their records. I'm currently following up a possible source of US archived records - MIS = Military Intelligence Service.
  13. Sounds like MI9 to me too.
  14. MI9's records are available at the National Archives, Kew, in document class WO 208.

    WO 208/3242 contains their official history, not sure if it has been published yet.
  15. The records I saw 2 yrs ago contained about 5 sheets of paper and were consultations debating the amount of compension to give the families of two female Jewish killed whilst abroad.
    I have got the history of MI9 from other sources, but I'm really after documents relating to my dad.