WWI British Helmet question


Gentlemen, I have this helmet in my collection, with this insignia on the front. Wondering if anyone can tell me what unit insignia it is? Inside the shell is stamped on the brim;




Is the Helmet Round or slightly oval? Has it a Leather Chin Strap or Canvas, Brit WW1 Brodie Helmets are round and have no safe edge rim on them. Do not recognise the badge it may be American.
That's David Camerons nursery helmet and the badge is nannies first attempt at a new logo for his gang.


Looks like a helmet as issued to WWII Civil Defence, then more US style than British? If that's so, isn't the 'tree' logo related to California?



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The protective rim was post war and I believe the American helmets were initially rimless too. The stamp on the inside 194 ZD. Should probably be 1940 ZD. The height of the helmet and the narrowness of the rim indicates the Civil Defence type issued to females during WW2, also the colouring is not military. The Tree logo could represent the Area Defence authority logo, possibly East Anglia.

If is is Civili Defence and you have the inner, it will not be the leatherette type found in the normal Brit helmet, nor the mesh/leather inner of the American one. The inner will have a round piece to connect to the helmet and a cardboard type spider to cushion the head.

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Hmmm, thanks to all for the knowledge. It does have a leather chinstrap, slightly oval with the brim edge band attaching at the front , Lining is "Oilcloth" backed by string? with an inner felt & leather band with rubber tubing "Bumper" sections.

On closer inspection of the "Oilcloth"? sweatband I find the band marked to a leather company in Brooklyn, so it must be a US M1917 then.


Yes, it is US helmet.

Don't forget that they were copied from the British type, the US initially being issued brit made helmets.

On the metal edging - first pattern brit brodies had a sharp edge, second type had the protective edge and were still wartime issue.

I'm sure someone will post a link to a ww1 helmet site that explains everything in glorious detail. Can't find it myself at the moment.


I thought American LD, as it's very similar to an old British CD helmet rusting somewhere in my shed, except that my one has the lace-up running on the outside.

Found a couple of pics on the web inc the lining.




themonsstar said:
The sign could be the 46th Infantry Division, the is described as a 'Sherwood Forest Oak'. The Div was raised in Oct 1939.
-The lining is definitely from the "American Leather company" of Brooklyn, NY, & is also stamped "Ordnance Inspected" would a British issue helmet have American Parts?

I know in WWII there was a lot of cross manufacture; American W.A. Battledress, Savage made No.4's, & British Made Belts, Packs, Ammo Pouches, for USA usage,etc. The Paint is a roughened finish(whats left) that isnt like that on M1 helmets I have.

It's hard to determine the shade as its heavily oxidized, but a Brownish-Olive weakly shows in spots. the NCO who gave it to me said his father brought it back from" England" where he was in the Special Engineer Task Force for the Normandy landings. He didnt have much more info than that, other than he said it used to have a "Burlap" cover on it when he was a child.

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