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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cupoftea, Mar 21, 2009.

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  2. Missed the first 10 mins but a cracking programme, I was absolutley stunned when they mentioned that 65 ? Sqn wouldn't accept McCudden as their CO because he hadn't gone to a public school and was born in Barracks, pity that they just missed the fact that he was the RAF's first ever VC winner, held 2 DSO's and a couple of MC's to boot! He was also the RAF's highest scoring Pilot on the Western front...w*****s.
  3. Well it wasn't the RAF until April Fools Day 1918. Up until then it was the Royal Flying Corps, and part of the Army.

    The other thing that got my horned cloven hoofed animal was the fact that Army top brass frowned upon parachutes because they thought it would discourage the men from trying bringing back the damaged aircraft....!!! 8O talk about priorities....

    Thankfully more pilots ignored this towards the end of the war and got themselves parachutes somehow (must have been expensive). Too many continued to adhere to this idiotic order though.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    My Godfathers great Uncle (convoluted and tenuous link, I know) was


    Apparently he was a bit good at this shooting down the Bosch at the time. Until he crashed, obviously.
  5. great programme...but cant understand your issue with what service he/they were in..is that so important :roll: ....they fought and died for GB isnt that enough??
  6. Nails.

    He pioneered the tactic of 'getting amongst them' in the air.

    Take 1 nails as foockery pilot.

    Dive straight into an enemy formation with guns blazing

    Maneuver wildy to create chaos and scatter enemy formation in confusion. They will usually be too afraid of hitting their own to shoot back and will scatter to avoid collision (indeed, it sometimes did directly cause enemy aircraft to collide whilst trying to avoid collision).

    The rest of said Pilot's squadron can break from their loitering positions and come in to mop up / pick off the confused and disorientated enemy machines.

    Worked a treat, by all accounts.
  7. BF the point I was making was that even with his outstanding credentials "The Old Boys Club" wouldn't accept him as their CO. Thankfully another Sqn saw him for what he was..

    As mentioned the earlier the RFC were still in situ until the RAF formed later on..

    For anyone interested in a great book of the RFC in WWI, try reading Sagitarius Rising.
  8. Like you missed the first few minutes due to the misses being in a rage. But overall a great programme about the early pioneers of air warfare
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    If you're interested in WW1 Aviation - Aces High - by Alan Clark is superb and well worth reading.


    On the chutes - originally these were extremely heavy and didn't always work all that well anyway - Germans did start issuing a new light weight version in 1918.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My neighbour in France (an old German guy) has Ernst Udet as his Godfather - do you think they should swap email addresses :D
  11. Tiger Squadron, by Ira Jones, has to be unmissable for anyone interested. WW1 diary by one who, serving under Mannock in 74 Squadron, saw off 40 of the Hun. Also includes WW2 experiences training the 'Few' who followed in his footsteps.
  12. I'd always assumed that the parachutes of the era were static line deployed and so jumping from an aircraft that was falling at the same (or higher) speed as the bailed out aircrew seemed a bit pointless.

    After all, they gave parachutes to balloon observers.

    I better go off and do some research after watching this on BBCiPlayer :oops:

  13. Good program but the makers could have picked their "experts" more carefully,one of them has been previously convicted of digging up a WW2 crash site without permission even though he knew it likely contained the pilots remains,this same guy flogs no end of "relics" on fleabay.

    Otherwise an interesting program.