I know this is a bit old newsy now but I was looking through the bin the other day (ensuring the correct rubbish was put in to the bin, Germans eh) when i came across WWF sponser advert.

Any way. WWE had to change its name from WWF to prevent confusion.

I was just wondering, did any one ever get the two confused?

Has any one out there sponsered a cuddley chimp only to find a lycra clad gorilla instead?

Any thoughts gratefully received at the normal address.

Chocy Frog.

PS. Coming soon to a board near you.

Victoria "POSH Spice" Beckham and the football team "The POSH" any one EVER get the two confused?
I'll think you find that skeletor actually tried to patent her nickname so that she'd have exclusive rights to the moniker "posh" and even went to court. It was promptly chucked out at the very first hurdle. If I remember correctly it was in the Scum newspaper. Not that I read it. Err, my oppo bought it and left it lying around!
That was coming up later matelot!!! :-D

Yeah, she decided that because she was a spice girl and had been given the name posh by some faceless music muppet, she should get the rights to patent/trademark it.

The fact that she had the name for maybe 200 weeks and the FC had had the name for neary 200 years didn't seem to occur to her!!

You'd hav thought david would have briefed her up!!!
TRADEMARK, not patent! You can't patent a name - it's not an industrially-applicable invention!
Had a brain freeze on that, wasn't sure if it was a trade mark or not, or what it would actually come under.
When we got cartons of milk at school, you could cut out little tokens for some WWF promotion - the panda, one would assume, would be a giveaway that it was for the wildlife people and NOT the wrestling, but there were less rational kids in the class who thought hoarding three dozen used milk cartons in their drawer would mean they got to meet Hulk Hogan... all they got was a drawer smelling of rancid milk :?
Who wouldn't pay good money to see one of those baby-oiled sacks go toe-toe toe with a pissed-off hippo then? That might be the biggest money-spinning idea I've had since pro-celebrity boxing...
When working an early shift as a teenager, I did ask my Dad if he could get on the Internet and book me tickets to WWF Insurrection.

Few hours later, called him for progress and he said no, he could find any World Wildlife Foundation events called Insurrection (by which time of course they had sold out). So, yes, I have experienced confusion!
I once confused WWE with entertainment until I realised it was only fat, pasty idiots who thought it was a genuine contest.
stoatman said:
TRADEMARK, not patent! You can't patent a name - it's not an industrially-applicable invention!
Another airheaded 'beauty', Paris Hilton is attempting to trademark 'her catchphrase':

"That's Hot!"

What a heap of sh1t! :roll:

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