WWE star in pyro accident


You believe that shit do you?
Weren't they all good at first aid? No-one thought to get some cold water to reduce the heat of the burn injuries? Of course not because he didn't have any.


did think that... but a high risk of going blind for thats stunt?

next you will tell father xmas is not true......
I can only assume that you came across this vid because you like that sort of homo-erotic shit!

Due to the large amount of scar tissue rendering him fuck ugly, I suppose he'll be wearing a mask from now on and calling himself "The Phantom."

I'm now off to do something interesting like..................... stub my toe!


Yep, it's fake. Too much jumping around on his head a la premiership footballer. A person can move around a lot when injured but not like that. Next you will swear that Owen Heart really did die ha ha...oh wait...