Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wyeman, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. My posting re. my double life where I came out as a batter for both sides has acquired the tag GAY THREAD WARNING.
    Why? Who needs warning? What's the problem? Who has the problem?
    Is there a fear that someone reading such a posting is going to be traumatised or irreperably damaged?
    My activities pose no threat to anyone, so why the homophobic rantings?
    I don't judge anyone else's lifestyle.
    And I hope this doesn't scare you but I can tell you there are a lot more of us out there.
  2. But you're in here.

    Would I want my son influenced by your comments and request for solace over your sexuality? No.

    I believe, as a mother and maybe a person reading ARRSE in a library or such a warning on the contents of a thread is a good and justifiable act.

    Beebs :)
  3. You 'came out'. Hardly coming out with an anonymous post is it? There are more of you out there, shite I never knew, if I had my boots on me feet would be shaking in them (and my arrse).
  4. Its unnerving to think that one of you may be looking me up and down in the shower while my back is turned. Sickening in fact.

    That was my point for the forces staying straight.
  5. The Forces have never been completely 'straight'. There used to be a big underground squaddie 'scene' in Germany and Amsterdam that even the RMP witch hunters turned a blind eye to most of the time.
  6. Have you come here looking for some bum love then?
  7. Not on a Tuesday, mate. It's only worth travelling up to Heaven or G-A-Y from Thursday onwards...a higher class of fella, you see :twisted:
  8. Bit confusing re the students that were executed. In my experience, albeit a short one, of Arabs ( Aden 66/67) there were quite a few homosexuals among the locals. Can't quite remember what we called them - gingi wallahs ? Quite open about it as well. Maybe its accepted in some area and not in others ?. Explains why T.E. Lawrence got on well with the Arabs ! ( tongue firmly in cheek )
  9. "Men are for fun, women are for babies" is the doctrine I believe many of them follow.
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    When did you become Muslim/Islamic?
  11. I didn't- I've just spent time with Iraqis!
  12. Hoop Dhobi?
  13. NO FAGS ALLOWED !!!!!!
  14. Quite. Old Roman saying "A woman is a duty, but a man is a joy!" Its not my bag, but if you want to swap spit with a hairy-arsed bricky from Doncaster, then soldier on.