Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_monk, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Lets say that WW3 started tommorow,

    1: Who do you think is most likely to start it?
    2: Who would side with who?
    3: Would it end up with it all going nucleur?
    4: Would we see the return of conscription?
  2. IMHO.

    1. It already has.
    2. US and those more southern people! (UK will begin to stand aside)
    3. No, as 2 nuclear capable countries are involved. (this deterrent thing works!)
    4. Only for home defence!
  4. Lets not cos its scary
  5. Hopefully it'll never happen, but i think China and America are the most likely to kick off. Maybe over border issues when allied forces invade North Korea or some other Asian country.
  6. In a couple of years Iran and Israel or A nuclear weapon is set of by a terrorist in a city . People will want revenge ,Some country will need to pay as confusion reigns other countries will see opportunity and start to settle scores or take advantage of the international situation.
  7. WW3
    other than the wife and i after a bottle of JD it will be between the USA and us, when we eventualy get a PM with balls who will tell Mr Bu( iwant to be king of the world)sh where to stick his invasion of every arab state.
  8. Thats obsurred! Are you trying to say that a terrorist act will be used as an excuse for a country to attack or invade another with a thinly veiled excuse in order seek revenge?? Never! Can't see it happeneing.........
  9. Anyone ever read Drosnin's "the bible code"?
    I used to think it was a load of crap, but there are some things in there that are now starting to ring a little too true.
  10. could it be that the US is pushing the israels, into a fight with iran ,then what a great excuse for the US to go steaming in and put a stop to ther nuclear program,just a thought..
  11. feck it I dont care who starts it but you know it will inevitably involve the US and like affing puppets we will be holding thier hands too.
  12. George Dubya has already started it hasn't he? The invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan were both illegal acts of agression.
  13. I don't care who starts it but can they centralise all fighting to somewhere nice because it's rubbish having to deploy to the worlds sh!tholes. Lets fight the next war with paintball or book a big lazer quest in Ibiza. At night we can all go and get wrecked, dance like nutters and screw all manner of female camp followers!!!! Come the morning its back to the good fight armed with alka seltzer.

    I can just imagine the questions........

    "So, dad what did you do in world war 3?"
    "Well kiddo, we ran around a disused factory in an international laserquest knockout competition. Then in the evening got shedded and met your mother for a quick knee trembler in the alley!"
  14. That was a scam, they can do that with anybook.

  15. In my opinion, there is as much unrest in the world just now as there was before both previous world wars. All it could take is a spark, possibly a well aimed terrorist attack (if there is such a thing) and all sorts of sh*t could hit the fan. It's scary but then again so is the fact that America elected an idiot... and then did it again!