WW2 : The last heroes - arnhem

I am trying to find a copy of this programme for a mate of mine. For those who saw it, an old soldier mentions a mate of his being shot through the neck and he went to get him a cup of tea (how very British). When he got back, his mate, Fred Jackson, was nowhere to be seen and he never saw him again. Well Fred survived and my mate, Fred Jackson junior missed the tv programme but has watched it on 4OD on the interwebby thingy . However he is trying to get a copy for his kids and grand kids. Drop me line if you can help.
Great story! I saw it too. Find out the production company and write to them - I am sure they could help.

Good luck

ps my grandad won an MM at Arnhem, it's always great to hear stories like this.
Wow, the old soldier didn't know what happened to Jackson. Is the old boy still alive and has he found that fact out ?
Sadly Fred Jackson senior is no longer with us. He was born in the USA and lied about his age to join up. He took part in the airborne assault of Sicily before Arnhem and was still under age when he entered a German POW camp. The guy who went to get him that cup of tea did know Fred was alive as they either wrote to each other or met before Fred's death. Just goes to show that you really can't believe everything you hear in the media.

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