WW2 Stuart Tanks rescued from Brazil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Milweb, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. You would think that, 63 years after the end of the conflict, the chances of discovering a large cache of WW2 military vehicles - let alone tanks - in reasonably good condition would be virtually zero. But that is exactly what Mike Stallwood of RR Motor Services has done. Almost single-handedly he has extracted 16 M3 Stuart light tanks from the wilds of Brazil, and brought them to the UK......You may be surprised to know that the Brazillian Expeditionary Force fought in Italy in WW2.

    You can see the whole story and see the pics at

    And if anyone knows of any other interesting WW2 tanks or hulks lurking around - please E Mail me direct so the scrapmen dont get alerted....
  2. Interesting topic but somebody got there maths wrong , they was gifted between 1942-45 ,30 years ago
  3. Either someone fit a time machine to the internet, or your maths is on a par with a Wall Street criminal.

    I take it back, having just read the article. Oops. Sorry!
  4. That's the FRES thing f*cked then.
  5. "The tanks formed part of a consignment gifted to Brazil by the US Army between 1942 and 1945. Some 30 years ago, 40 of those remaining were sold as surplus to a Brazilian businessman."

    Try reading the article properly, there's a full stop after 1945. I'm pretty sure these tanks were still in service until the mid seventies when they were sold as surplus. South American armies had no need for modern MBT's so these Stuarts were adequate for the task.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Brazil declared war on Germany (?1942?) and their soldiers fought at Monte Cassino. There's a War Memorial near or on Praca Maua in Rio.
  7. Actually if you read the article properly it says that 30 years ago they were sold to a businessman (i.e. by the Brazillian Govt).
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Interesting story. All those US re-enactors will be creaming their mustards....Now if only someone could find a hidden stash of british vehicles.
  9. Wiki

    We used Stuarts as well, from lend-Lease...
  10. Serbia. Plenty to choose from.

    M-3A1s and M3A3s (finally withdrawn from service mid-60s)
    M-4A3E4s (a number pulled out of storage and put out in fields as decoys during 1999)
    M-36s (withdrawn from active service about 6 years ago)
    M-18s (used actively in Bosnia during the 90s)
    M-7s (don't think they've been seen for a good while!)
  11. ..and Russia. An exciting find indeed , but to me , not as exciting as finding a Pakistani Halifax or getting to run a metal detector over the fallow ground at a certain North African airfield :D


    Photocopyright John Blackman
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    There are odd bits of pongo-ish hardware at the John Pounds scrapyard at Tipner, Portsmouth - not sure what but presumably the owner is waiting for scrap prices to pick up. To be seen from the M275, on theleft as you drive in. The owner had a destroyer there once with SCRAP painted on her side in big black letters because people kept writing in and complaining thet the RN wasn't keeping its ships looking smart.
  13. Back in the early 90's a fully restored Stuart arrived at the museum on Ft. Campbell when I was in charge of a detail assisting the curator build new displays. After driving it in and parking it, the curator was very quick to drain all the fluids and seal the vehicle in. Turned out he had good reason... an hour or so after we completed the work he got a call from the garrison commander who had heard about the tank and wanted it to be part of the upcoming 4th of July parade through the local city. Yeah... the curator lied and said it was inoperational LOL!
  14. Pakistani Halifax? Please do tell about that mystery, PTP. The exciting one to me would be for somebody to find a Stirling.

    Amazing what keeps getting discovered.
  15. Tis a big old world for squaddies to lose shite in! :twisted: