WW2 steam locomotives in Iraq

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Trotsky, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is one of a number of London Midland and Scottish Railway class 8F's loaned to the British Army in WW2 and still believed to be in existence in Iraq.

    This photo was taken in Baghdad in the 1990.

    Can anyone confirm this engine or any of its classmates still exists in Iraq or taken photos maybe?

  2. I recall what might have been a Chinese and East European diesel locomotives pulling passenger cars but nothing as old as what you've pictured sitting anywhere. One of my detachments was located in a very large train repair depot in As Samawah and I don't remember seeing anything like it there either.
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  6. [​IMG]

    As it seems to infuriate some people I thought I would diversify the conversation. The above is GORDON an army Austerity 2-10-0 operated by the Longmoor military railway until the end of the sixties.

    Whilst loads of civilian and industrial loco's were preserved the armed forces' steam locomotives seem largely neglected. In an organisation that places so much store on institutional history this surprises me. Does the RLC have a collection anywhere?

    Trotsky (DPM anorack at the ready.)
  7. The Army Museum of Transport at Beverley near Hull had the old RE/RCT Railway Collection from Longmoor till it closed in 2004. Most of the exhibits and rolling stock was transfered to the National Army Museum (NAS) or the National Railway Museum in York I believe? Why it was allowed to fail is beyond me!

    The RLC Museum at Deepcut is the size of a Postage Stamp, and the only transport items they seem to have is Montys Rolls Royce and an Eager Beavor.
    For such a large corps it has very few large items on display for any of the founding corps and its heritage.
  8. Trotsky , why diversify?

    The subject of just how many Iraqi Sea Furies was the subject of intense discussion about whether any more examples were extant after the Americans bought a load in the 80's. The discovery of the 2 examples (pre-'remodelling' ) was real news, as was the discovery of a certain very very rare SPG.

    Keep looking for those locos , sure as hell someone else in green has a passion for steam.


  9. Amazing how things turn up, I heard some of those fury's are being taken
    by a preservation society, hope they get them in the air.
    Pity the same couldnt be helped for the trains,
    But give time I sure they'll be restored as well.
  10. They stopped making real Locos when they stopped making Steam.
    Talk Steam and you'll find a conversation worldwide.
    Jon Willy ex apprentice Vulcan Foundrey, Newton Le Willows, Lancashire.
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  11. if it was metal and abandoned it more than likley has been stripped for anything worth while (in iraq anything) anyone remember that helicopter outside of shaibah? i think it may have been a Hip but by the time i left the majority had gone
  12. Wasn't there a QLR Colonel who helped refurbish a railway in Iraq?
  13. Hello jonwilly,

    Vulcan was not a million miles from here.
    There is a lot of railway history hereabouts,I can recall seeing the Flying Scotsman,Rocket (replica?) and many others in a parade many years ago.
    A certain well known railway company owner and steam train enthusiast used to work with tangosix senior.

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