WW2 records

Postrd on the history board but perhaps best with the AGC?

Hi everybody that's into records:)))

I need info about listings recorded on WW2 record sheets. Not sure who would have completed these, REME had a branch post war I believe as clerks?

If anyone knows about ref books or has the info can they please contact urgently an example is SOS transferred to X (ii) b list..."there's more" read that in an N.Irish accent:)))

Cheers Neil.

If no one knows in the AGC no probs bur can someone perhaps direct me to where the historical listings may be? It is to do with a FEPOW claim which the MOD is refuting on the grounds they cannot decypher the lists which may prove the case.
Perhaps best to try and illustrate these lists? X..Y..& R the latter two not involved in the quest apart from Y see end..

X list...this was to account for personnel who became temporaroily non effective overseas. the list I have seems to be incomplete? One notation is the X/8b list... OR's who as ex POW or ex internees rejoin the command.

So am trying to establish the following entries.

SOS of unit TOS of RA X(II) wef 14 5 44. Q. what is this list?
SOS of X(II)b TOS of unit wef...what was he struck off & the b... behind it now?
SOS of unit & TOS X (II)b list once again.

Next entry poted to the X(V) list..Q what is this X(V) list
None of these X marks appear on my sheet of what who when etc the gaps may hold the answer?

To finish ....posted to the Y list.... but does not give a number after it for eg. Y/4 all returned POW from DOArrival UK. The use of Roman numerals on the X list and then changed to the normal figures later is understandable?

So hopefully someone may know where these lists or archives may be? The sheet I got was from the RA museum in Woolwich years ago.
Ok, having dealt with this kind of thing in the past, I know for a fact that it will cost you, per hour of time spent looking, availiable through the Veterans Agency you can obtain such info through the records office at Bath.

The last costing I was given was £17.00 per hour.

Good Luck
Thanks for the heads up on this and also for bringing it back to the fore.

This may come accross as sour grapes but the VA are a complete farce. they instigated the FEPOW scheme and then if there is a gap on records refute etc. These lists are recorded on the records in question but as I cannot establish what they are am up against the high wall:-((( They will not divulge the meanings but say they have no idea and other statements which disagree with the written records.

As I wrote I gleaned a list from firepower the RA museum, but those were incomlete also. surely there is some archive held? I am not sure which units would have been responsible for record completion in WW2 hence posting on your Regt's board. If there is anyone interested in the history side that's what I'm hoping for.

As you wrote you've been up against this before any chance you can drop me an eMail direct please? Cheers Neil.


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