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A friend of mine has just popped round with some original photographs of the execution of Mussolini and the Japanese surrender of Burma. Apart from the fact I reckon they are probably worth a few quid and have told him so (most have crown copyright stamped on the back so have been borrowed lol) they are definately a piece of history that should be seen. Advice anyone?


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A donation to the Imperial War Museum, perhaps?
Well I did say they ought to be looked at officially, i was just awestruck i had history in my hands, a first hand account of what occured and trust me it was not pretty, about 5 of them hung curiously by their feet with their names painted on the wall above them
These are original black and white, and with those of us that remember the crimped edges! though as i say some were stamped on the back and trust me they are real mc coy and not just clever repro, came in an old battered to **** envelope from someones loft ,not hot off a printer
Dirtyfilthymech said:
tell him ill have them for a tenner, im sure he cant sell them officially as the have an ownership stamp on them.... I'd be doing him a favour
The guy who has them is caned most the time anyway, don't you think i didn't think of that plan already! lol . My concern now is that they go to the right place in the right hands as a matter of respect, course they will be worth a few bob but I seriously think some of these photographs have not been seen before, there is one of Mussolini and another guy whose name begins with S after a good shoeing in the street before etc! Prime source material I reckon. Im personally happy to have seen them, but do hope they reach the right home
Once again, these pics were floating around by the dozens, the Ities weren't short of making a few bob, I honestly don't think they are rare, I saw them in 45.
His mistress was Clara Somebody I believe, began with 'P', on some of them you could see her knickers!
There are pages on Google re Musso's execution.
BB's right my granddad swapped something for pictures taken by a squaddie at the execution my dad still has them apparently worthless however the antiques fella that looked at them told him if they were the postcard version they would be worth someth
I will try and get hold of them again and scan them in if i am allowed, however i have no reason to not think them to be the real deal, they are not mine and i am not selling them on behalf of someone else. they have come out of a guys loft and with them some pics of burma and a burma star to boot and as i say the jap surrender there. I will see if i can get hold of him in next few days and scan some in ok. Not doubting the many fakes but how many on proper photographic paper processed properly ? This stuff only turned up literally for ten mins this evening at my door, the guy who has it's mum lives under roof. Will try get more info
I'm not saying that they are not the real deal, just that there were hundreds of em, they were around at the time, not repros on ebay.
If you were a squaddie post war in Italy you could get most anything, you should have seen the silver wire badges they sold to the yanks!!
(to my shame I remember buying a pair of 1st.armoured Div. for my shirt when I came home on leave!)
Incidentally all my Itie pics have crinkley edges but on all that I've posted I've cropped!
BBs right. The print run at the time would have been in the hundreds if not thousands. - LOTS of originals.

If you want serious money, you need the negatives because they are unique. Having said that, even negatives would probably have been copied (easier than copying a photograph at that time), but only the original set would have the full clarity.

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