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WW2 Militaria; 1945 Lancaster Navigator Plot

A relative has been passed a navigators plot, route card/log and target photo from a bombing mission to Hanover in 1945. From what I could see it was a raid on Misburg (chemical/refining plant) on 15th March by Lancaster's from 170 Sqn RAF.

The map is a little faded but the pencil plots course corrections and wind vectors are still there. The route cards/log shows bombs dropped at 21.22 and list Gee fixes and electronic jamming amongst course corrections etc. The RAF history website lists that the main weight of the raid missed the target and that 4 aircraft were lost.

Now here is the reason they bugged me, is it likely to be worth anything and where can they get it appraised?

I'm tempted to tell them worthless and have it mounted and framed :D
A priceless piece of history.

******* scandalous that they wanna sell it.

Still got my great grandad's ID discs in leather/fibre and metal from the war to end all wars.
170sqn was a bit strange as most of the war it was a recce sqn with Mustangs untill 1944 and then reformed on Lancasters based at Helmswell as part of No1 group. Sorry, but as it was not a major raid so I aint got any info on it, On the 12th March Bomber command put 1,107 aircraft over Dortmund and on the 14th 617 sqn dropped a 22,000lbs Grand Slam at Bielefeld
They did 980 sorties on 63 raids and lost 13 Lancasters and 62 crewmembers
Its a wonderfull bit of history though, well worth keeping
Night 15/16 March 257 Lancasters and 8 Moscitos attacked the Deurag refinery at Misburg on the outskirts of Hanover. 4 Lancasters were lost, funny thing is that while in Wolfenbuttle I must have flown over that place hundreds of times
Thanks for the replies. It is not in my possession but if I get a chance I will scan what I can and photograph the map.

I'll post up if I have any further details.

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