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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by baldy_fudge_packer, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Got a boxed set of word war 2 medals with the name and address on the box does anyone know a website/book ECT were I can track down the ex soldiers regiment/history
  2. Are you going to return the medals to their rightful owner or thier NoK?

  3. Nope there going on eBay and they have more value if you add info on the serviceman :D (I would give them back but i payed for them ages ago)
  4. BFP your other posts all state that you want to join the Army, as such have some Respect for the person who originally EARNED the medals and didnt have to BUY them. Return them to the rightful owner or NoK. Whatever amount of cash you paid from them will never be as much as the self-respect you will earn by doing the right thing. You may even gain a little respect from soldiers you may one day serve beside.
  5. im not trying to be funny but i payed £60 quid for them with the intention of selling them on i have a bit of militaria from ww2 (medals kit ect) and these medals are just part of my collection which i am selling on.

    p.s i did not HAVE to buy them i just wanted to make a little money and saw these medals quite cheep and thought i could make a profit
  6. Are you trying to get a heated reaction???
  7. No I just wanted a simple question answering
  8. Mmm, I'm ex Army and collect militaria including medals - does this make me a bad person?
  9. Are you going to sell them?
  10. try a quick message to the address on the box..
  11. I would have thought that at that price, you could have traced the owner or his family, handed said medals over and gained a bit of respect from members of this site and from future colleagues. £60 is hardly going to break the bank, is it? Plus it would be for a better reason than lining your pockets. Cue the warm, fluffy feeling of doing something for someone else, not because you have to, but because you want to.
  12. Good, balanced, snctimonious colaptrap as always anticipated. Collecting medals - including buying and selling them - is not an affront to all honest-to-god servicemen.

    If it wasn't for Lord Ashcroft there would be a load of VCs that have been sold by the families of, or by the recipients themselves to ease hard times, which would be swilling their way around the USA or elsewhere. They have been saved for the country by him. See here.


    Get over yourselves.
  13. Once you've found out the serviceman's details, how about contacting his Regt/Corps museum. They may buy them off you for a small price.

    Not the best outcome for you, but at least you'll be keeping the well earned medals in public circulation for all to see, rather than selling them to a private collector where they'll never be seen again.

    But remember, this chap may still have a wife or relatives alive and they may appreciate your kind donation.
  14. You did have to buy them. They weren't issued to you, they weren't given to you as a nice little pressie from someone. You paid £60 for them , hence you bought them.
  15. what we talking here,, victory, defence and a few stars,,,dont think the imperial war museums going to rush for those,,,i bet they arnt even named,, just the cardboard box..ask the family first if they are interested,,,
    it was prob them that stuck them on ebay in the first place,, modern families i find arnt interested in grandads gongs any more,,,its a shame but thats,, the new great britain for you.better a wide screen tv than a set of medals in a frame on the wall.