WW2 medal record query

Discussion in 'Medals' started by DITA, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. The wife was clearing out her Dads house and found three medals issued to her Grandfather.

    One is the 1939-1945 Star, one the War Medal and the other is his LS&GC.

    The ribbons have long since disappeared.

    Firstly, does anyone know of any free website where I can browse his military record (I want to confirm these were the only medals he was issued). Secondly is anyone able to confirm that the War Medal and Star were not engraved with the recipients Regt'l details. The LS&GC is engraved, which is why we know its his!

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Once I have info, thought it would be nice to mount and frame them for the Father-in-Law for a present.

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  2. WW2 Medals weren't engraved and records are still kept by the Minstry of Defence. Relatives can obtain the records as far as I know

    World War Two Medals
  3. Cheers Gary.

    If the recipient was awarded the star and War Medal, would they also have been awarded the Defence Medal?

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  4. No worries, cheers!

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  5. The combo of 39/45 Star and War Medal is the standard award for those who became PoW very early in the war: usually France or possibly Norway.
  6. Asked the wife this morning, turns out he was captured. The story goes he then escaped and was fed through the French Resitance system to get back, although she is admittedly hazy on the facts.Visiting the FIL this evening, so will ask him about it.Im thinking a FOI request to get his service record is the way forward though...
  7. Why an FOI request? Do you think they're hiding something? It is usual for the surviving NOK to simply write to the MOD and ask for a copy. No need to stab the FOI button.
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  9. Sticky, I dont think they are hiding anything, FIL had a stroke 10 years ago, his memory isnt what it was, and the wife admittedly isnt aware of all the facts.Her Great-Grand father is mentioned a number of times in the Gordon Highlanders museum, I would like to get all the info I can on both men, collate and present them (with medals or copies of medals framed) to my FIL as a gift. It was my understanding that I could request info on both men (as I am not NOK) through a FOI request. Ill get the wife to give it a bash though.Oldbaldy, PM sent, and thank you for the link, Ill see what that reveals.
  10. No, can't use FoI as the info you're after relates to a living individual. Therefore it's exempt from release. The way forward, as stickybomb said is via MoD historical disclosures or a Data Protection Act Subject Access request. Took 10 months for my late grandfathers to come through and after 34 years in, there wasn't a great deal to show. Certainly no medal recommendations/citations.
  11. Ancient, they are both deceased.

    Otherwise I would have just asked them.

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