WW2 Medal Eligibility

Discussion in 'Medals' started by theylie, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Was at the funeral of a WW2 veteran relative today. Clearing his room we found his medals & paybook. He was in Cameron Highlanders and served in N Africa with 8th army. Was wounded and later captured and marched up through Italy in the 'long march' , I think it was, into a stalag in Germany.

    His medals were Africa star, 39-45 star & 39-45 war medal.
    Paperwork says he was inadmissable for Italy star & France Germany star.

    From 42-45 he was a POW so is that deemed inadmissable as active service?
    Only time he ever mentioned anything was that the Italian civvies were horrible nasty vile swines & once in the stalag, weighing bout 7 stone, his job was repairing jerry officers boots and with a chuckle he would say that of course it wasn't done right & nails were put where they shouldn't be!

    Now while this not may be any act of valour is it not for the war effort, who's to say it didn't contribute to the efforts on the eastern front, albeit in a small way?

    On my way home I stopped at the David Stirling memorial and the plaque says he was awarded an OBE for services whilst in Colditz?

    I'm not for a minute trying to compare my relative, a jock in the QOCH, with David Stirling, but what is the difference in theatres & effort?

    Wryly amusing anecdote, he always has a sturdy pair of leather brogues as they walked through their boots and said the tally civvies would stamp on their feet.
  2. Bump. Any answers on whether being a POW so is deemed ineligible for medal criteria as active service?
  3. Have you phoned the medals office and asked them?
  4. Being a POW didn't qualify for the theater stars of where you were a POW I am assuming hear he was captured in north africa so he wouldnt have qualifiyed for the Italy Star or F&G Star my Great Grandad was captured in North africa and died in an Italian POW camp he is also not entitled to an Italy Star my Grandad was wounded and captured in Italy he has an Italy Star as he was operational in Italy
    Awards for Gallantry and Metorious Service could be awarded to POW's but they still didnt get the theater stars
  5. Cheers for the reply. Not phoned as getting through can be mission impossible!

    He had a small chit the medal box saying his application had been declined. Didnt name the medals he was declined for but family info was Italy star and France/Germany star and that being a POW wasnt active service.

    Just struck me as odd that it was not active service.
  6. Sounds similar. Yeah he was captured in N. Africa so got Africa star but was marched up through Italy and Germany into Poland. Fair enough gallantry and meritorious awards but still strikes me as unfair that it wasnt deemed operational service! Although look at the probs the Artic convoy veterans are having getting a medal.
  7. What problems are they, they got the Atlantic Star!
  8. Interesting tread.

    My father was RN, Combined Operations (landing craft crew), who served in the Med. His medals are, France and Germany Star, 1939-45 Star and War Medal. He operated in and out of North African ports for a time and was based in Italy for a while doing drop off runs to the irregulars in Yugoslavia. I never understood why he wasn't entitled to the Italy Star or the Africa Star. He didn't get the Atlantic Star because that required a minimum of 6 months in theater, I believe, which he just didn't have, The IS and AS didn't have minimum qual periods, I understand.

    Or maybe I'm just spouting bollox.
  9. Go to SPVA web site look at WW2 medals (google is your friend), criteria all laid out nothing to hide and nothing sinister.
  10. Thanks. Just catching up with the internet thing!
  11. To be awarded the Italy star he had to serve in theatre between 11 june 1943 and 8 may 1945, so maybe he was prior to that.
    But you also have to look at were about in theatre he served, some places only counted for short times, Austrian territory was almost a matter of days only.
  12. I've never heard that for POWs. Are you thinking about Merchant Navy? I know they stopped getting paid the moment their ships got torpedoed until their next voyage.
  13. My 2 great uncles never got paid again, but they did go down with their ships, SS Mill Hill and HMS Jervis Bay. Dreadful way to treat them.
  14. Thanks Kirsty. He was defo in Italy for the dates above. Brindisi IIRC, running supplies up the Adriatic to Tito's bandits.

    I have a feeling that if you qualified for the F&G Star, you didn't get the others as it was regarded as a 'senior' medal and replaced them. I will look into it further.

    BTW, cracking avatar. Is that you? Before you ask about mine, no it's not me. Almost but I'm younger and better looking than Jack H.