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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stoatman, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. As a kit/wpn anorak, this is my little personal favorite field of research. I would like your opinions on what you think was the best of each category of gear/wpn/vehicle in service during WW2, and why. My opinions on a few things:

    Best bolt-action rifle - Enfield No.4 [best sights, fast action, 10rd mag, even though it does use rimmed ammo with the attendant reliability issues]
    Best pistol - Browning GP35 (Hi-Power) [13rds does it for me, although I know there are many fans of the M1911, which would be my 2nd choice]
    Best SMG - Thompson M1928 [although the Lanchester or MP34 rate highly in my eyes]
    Best all-round personal wpn - MP43-Stg.44 series [no contest, really]
    Best LMG - BREN [hell, even the Germans used the original Czech version, and the BAR is just too light & too low capacity]
    Best MMG - Browning M1919A4 [more versatile than the Vickers, IMHO]
    Best beltkit - the Yank stuff knocks the pants off everything else
    Best uniform - again, the Yank stuff seems to be the most versatile & comfortable.

    Any more for any more?

    /anorak off
  2. The Welrod. Still not been improved upon.
  3. Best LMG - Rhienmetall MG34. You needed to swing the Bren around to get a good spread. The main fault of the Bren was, it was just too damn accurate.

    Disagree on the Thompson too - Good punch, but a maintenance whore. My father used the Owen? Swore by it, the Schmeisser was good too.

    Best Hand Grenade - The German Potato Masher
  4. I've fired a PPSH 42 - the Burp gun - incredibly simple construction, about two working parts - superb kit.

    Fairburn-Sykes knife

    Most Kraut tanks


    SS camouflage uniforms - no relationat all with Buneswehr Flecktarn... :wink:
  5. The MG34's a GPMG though - it's a bit too damn heavy in the light role. The MG42 was better, although the rate of fire is too high.

    The PPSh was good too, as B_B says, although it's utterly deafening to fire without hearing protection because of the design of the compensator.
  6. Best uniform, dennison smock
    Best boots, US jump boots
    Best belt kit, Brit '44 pattern
    Best tank, Panther (G).
    Best APC, kangaroo (solely for protection).
  7. It's all coming out now... I'm reading this and imagining lots of ARRSE members sitting in their darkened bedrooms making guns out of bits of wood, with Hitler's speeches on the tape player, and muttering about 'I'll show them all - mwhahaha!' :lol:
  8. Best mess tins...British, well they must be we're still using them :wink:
  9. Nicest hat - FANY Forage Cap :D
  10. Best plane SPITFIRE .
  11. vs. ME 262?? Typhoon??
  12. Best (and most stunningly beautiful) Spitfire - The XIX.
    Best Fighting Spitfire the XIV

    Best Multirole combat aircraft -Mosquito
    Best GA/Anti-shipping - Beaufighter.

    Best all round long range dogfighter -Mustang
  13. Even if you love the Spit with a passion, you have to admit the justice of Corelli Barnett's comments in 'The Audit of War' (which I once saw for sale in a book specialising in accountancy textbooks ...). The Messerschmit Bf 109 was a far superior weapon system, if only because of its much lower cost and greater ease of manufacture.

    I'll second the Mosquito, though. And all the various models and marks of the Lee Enfield - which I have loved since being a cadet just a few years ago ...
  14. Spitfire helped win battle of britain typhoon and mustang didnt .So
    that what makes it best :D
  15. Far superior weapon system? This Author sounds a w*nker

    It's the SPITFIRE - end of :D