WW2 Italy Campaign and Korea - Help/info needed

Im doing an 'in depth' project about WW2 in Italy and a dissertation on Korea in University next year. I have chosen these topics, as they are 'forgotten fronts' with little information available. Any relevant information on these topics, as well as links, details on equipment used, units, war stories etc. would be much appreciated.
Specifically, im aiming to focus on the infantry and armour in Italy and the level of cooperation involved, and comparing it to that in European Theatre and the Pacific.
In Korea, the topic is a lot broader. I'm not certain of the exact topic yet, so any ideas would be great. Id really be interested to write a history of the Korean war one day, as i am constantly told stories by a group of chaps my father knows from the British Legion. Poor buggers have been forgotten!!
Get the latest book on the battles at Monte Cassino. Fascinating reading and rated as the authoratitive work. Also, Vol 4 & 5 of Spike Milligan's memoirs. Really - he was there and great reading from a Siggy attached to the Artillery.
Agree with Mr_C , Spike is the man for the toms view.

Why not visit. Only 10 quid with Ryan , hire a motor and you can see all the places from Salerno up to Rome in 4 days.

Bit harder for Karea but Max Hastings "The Korean War" is a good place to start.
There's a web site called "britains small wars" which deals with every scrap the army has been in since world war 2 , loads of stories by veterans and overviews on the conflicts complete with galleries , it's a VERY good site and well worth a look.
For the Italian campaign, get the video from Prof Richard Holmes - excellent.

For comparing it to Korea though they are both simliar in someways and wildly differing in others. Italy had huge amounts of equipment, Germans who fought there were truly amazed at the amount of equipment the allies had, one estimate was 10 to 1. In Korea the yanks and the allies shipped millions of tons of equipment however so did the chinese.

The big difference is the public perception of it, Italy was called the D D Dodgers (Lady Astor??) and thought of as a swan, whereas people were under no illusions as to the conditions in Korea.

Another angle is that Italy created big rifts between the UK & the US (Alexander & Clark) which caused massive problems all round, not sure if this was an issue in Korea but may be worth investigating.

Have fun,

Mr Happy

old_bloke said:
Bit harder for Karea but Max Hastings "The Korean War" is a good place to start.
I was going to say, go visit Korea, it's not 'that' expensive to get to and the country is only small so you can zip around it and see all the memorials and gather history and stuff really easily. It's well sorted for visiting US forces tourists so as a Brit you'll have no worries (and also, Korean girls like to sleep with white men because they have experience and big dicks and make them come real easy). Or so my friends tell me.

I was there for about 2 months on and off recently and it was more than enough time to get a feel for the place. 10 days and you'd be done. Get a loan from the student body, stay at the YMCA it or contact the garrison at Yongsan. Tokyo is 90 minutes flying time away to the east and Beijing is 2hrs to the west so plenty of places to get visit if you get bored.

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