WW2 Issue 1941 Sleeveless Leather Gherkin

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Hector_Chavez_V, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Excuse spelling of items name :) Pics to go up tomorrow early pm.

    This jacket was left to me about a year ago with a few other bits and apart from a touch of threadbare on one shoulder it is in obscenely good nick considering it got about a bit, North Africa and Palestine amongst other spots, considered giving it to the IWM but seems a shame for it to hang off a dummy for perpetuity.

    Unsure as to what they go for so anything within reason considered.

    Finish at 18:00 Fri 6th....
  2. Any idea on size?
  3. [​IMG]

    One of these I take it you mean?
  4. Sorry good point, ill pull it out when I get to the other gaff in the morning, sure its a meduim, I'm just over 6 ft and about 15 1/2 stone in the nip and it looks sexy on me when Ive got a flying cap on and a pair of denim hot pants..
  5. Ha, nice gherkin! ;-)
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  6. Yep thats the one, lighter colour though.
  7. So, anyone to kick this off ? :)
  8. £20 if it comes with a photo of the above
  9. That's a nice one, MM. :thumleft:

    Thank you for your bid. :)
  10. Leather items, yes please!!!

    £25 (I do not require a photo of Hector wearing it!!).
  11. Thank you for your bid, DB216LOKDVR. :)

    He could still post the photo in here if he wants to. [​IMG]
  12. £30 and please, no photos of it being worn/used/abused by Hector, MDN, etc
  13. It'll cost more than that you slut ... x

    Pictures will be on tomorrow, didnt get a chance today, and come on you tight *****, the original wearer was one seriously mad hatter with some quality bling, I smashed him round his flat whilst dressed as a gas man and proffed this tunic and a Quality Street box full of foreign coins and cap badges..
  14. Thanks for your bid, TOP. :)

    And we're all looking forward to the photos, HCV. ;-)
  15. As you wish....It's not my best phot but is a fair portayal of my darkened but passionate side..