WW2 in the far east - recommendations?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by _Artemis_, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Realised today that I know f*ck all about WW2 as fought in the far east: any "beginners' guides" on the subject?
  2. Google Chindits or Argylls that's a good start.
  3. 'Quartered Safe Out Here' by George Macdonald Fraser

    - for an infantrymans view of the Burma war.
  4. Looking around at the study wall covered in books :D I'd suggest the following which I've personally found to be very good reads:

    from a Brit perspective:

    - Burma; the longest war 1941-45 by Louis Allen [very comprehensive on Burma obviously]
    - The Jungle is Neutral by F. Spencer Chapman [Malaya]
    - Defeat into Victory by FM Slim [classic]
    - Beyond the Chindwin by Bernard Fergusson [chindits]
    - The Naked Island by Russell Braddon [POW]
    - Quartered Safe out here by GM Fraser (think Flashman) [Burma]
    - anything by John Masters [excellent books]

    from the Japanese perspective:

    - Tales by Japanese soldiers - Kazuo Tamayama & John Nunneley [Burma from 42 - 45]

  5. Don't join in until at least 1943. Avoid Singapore.
  6. The above might not give you an overview, but it's a hoot otherwise.


    "An unladen man on level ground never actually reaches the point when he can't take another step" - Worth remembering :)

    This is a paraphrase - "Being in the jungle is as boring as shi*e so take a big trunk full of good books".

    I don't think he was in as deep as "Charlie"".....great r&r was some rice and a little rat meat.." :D

    Seriously, worth reading.
  7. EX_STAB,

    Out of curiosity, any particular reason for starting at 1943 and avoiding S'pore?

  8. Because if you were at Singapore chances are you would end up PoW. From 1943 the chance of that happening was rather reduced as we were on the offensive. Being captured by the japs was something to be avoided hence the recommendation...

  9. EX-STAB,

    I'm not following your logic here. Jumping to 1943 means you miss out on the entire origin of the war in the FE. If you can't appreciate the reasons for why it began how can you fully appreciate our approach from 1943 onwards?


    PS re your comment on "we were on the offensive" - how does that sit with Kohima in 1944... :wink:
  10. Q: "WW2 in the far east - recommendations?"
    A: Don't join in until at least 1943. Avoid Singapore.

    Hat, coat, taxi etc.

    Is that any clearer? ;)
  11. 'Bugles and a Tiger' by John Masters followed by 'The Road Past Mandalay', both written by someone who was there and thoroughly recommended.
  12. 'Bugles and a Tiger' is excellent but it doesn't cover the period of the war in the Far East. It ends in 1939.

    Here's the full list:
  13. Three titles all cover the far East,

    Moon over Malaya
    The knights of bushido

    All good books, just make sure you have a box of kleenex beside you for that grit that sticks in your eyes.
  14. Pedantic f*cks :D

    Cheers for the recommendations, have ordered "Quartered Safe" to start with, since there seems to be a consensus on that one.