WW2 German phots

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Skunkmiester, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. The first series is very interesting - it appears to show the secret Soviet-German training cooperation that was taking place in Russia up until 1940, and also some of the liaison in Poland later on.
  2. This looks interesting, I only though the BEF were in France in 1940 and not Commonwealth troops
    Belgien,_britische_Gefangene Not sure what the last word means
    And he looks pissed off might be as he's been left with a load of Frogs he's down as being a Gerangener
  3. Gefangene means prisoners. The Germans liked taking pictures of non european prisioners.

    There were indian troops in the BEF in May 1940 - Bernard Manning once claimed there were no err soldiers from what would become pakistan on ythe Mrs Merton show. This inspired a TV documentary on the subject of the four mule companies of the Indian Army Service Corps which joined the British Expeditionary Force in France, and were evacuated from Dunkirk with the rest of the BEF in May 1940.
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    I want to complain about this link. I tapped it once and I was up until 2am. I claim the 'addiction' affects my 'uman rights'
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  5. I am afraid you click on them at your own risk. Whilst there is a lot of shite on ARRSE, you can get engrossed in the interesting threads
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  6. Your not wrong 20 pages in and great pics of the light tanks and Stugs will be book marking them for when I dig my modelling gear back out
    What's this capbadge BTW I thought it was the RAD but not sure now police? seen it quite a lot on this pics so far, Down as Russland,_Cholm,_Verwundeter
  7. I must get back to work....just a couple more pages....must get back to work.

    Excellent collection of images.