WW2 casualty's family has been found (4126455 Gnr Marsh, 87th ATR)

Hi all

I interviewed a survivor of my grandfather's unit last year, he is 98.

Long story short he wants to write to the family of a pal of his who died in his arms during an air attack in Tunisia 1943. I've checked the CWGC entry for the Gunner concerned and there are no family links included, so unless the vet can remember where he was from, I have little to go on apart from him apparently being married with a family. There don't appear to be any other internet entries for him (that aren't copies of the CWGC entries) so just to get something online I am posting on here. I intend to do newspaper appeals as well. Any other recommendations are welcome.

The casualty is 4126455 Henry Marsh, 87th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, formerly 7th (Haytor) Battalion, Royal Devonshire Regiment. According to the unit war diary Henry Marsh died 24th August 1943 near the Bou Arada-Goubillat Road.

Thanks for reading. Any help appreciated.
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May I suggest you start a thread on WW2Talk.com? We love this kind of thing on there ;)

My initial suggestion would be to apply for a copy of his service records as NoK details are normally listed in them. They are not in the public domain and cost £30 from the MOD. From there you could look in the census reports and work out the family path. Quite a few on WW2Talk have access to Ancestry and Find My Pass and I'm sure would be happy to do some of the leg work for you - Look forward to seeing you on WW2Talk :)
Hi there , have seen the post in Liverpool Echo regarding Henry. I am his grandaughter, he was killled a month before my Mum was born. He is known as Harry to his family. My Mum is alive and well so is her twin brother. We have tried to contact the Echo but only saw the advert tonight. If you need any information please reply .
Hi. I have just been tipped off about this thread and thought that I must reply. I am Henry's grandson. My dad was also named Henry after his dad. My dad was 8 years of age when his dad was killed on action. Sadly, my dad passed away 10 years ago but he has a number of living siblings. I have always had a keen interest in my grandad's story and have been to visit his war grave at medjez el bab. However, I seemed to come to a point where I hit a wall and could not find any more of the story. I always believed that the best option would be to try to see if there was someone still alive from his regiment. That proved very difficult to do. So, this is the opportunity we have been waiting for. Note that the family has a copy of letter written by the lieutenant of the regiment to our grandmother expressing his sadness and condolences. I believe the date of his death was towards the end of April 1943, just towards the end of the north African campaign. It should also be noted that Harry's half-brother (lawrence) was killed in a convoy attack in the north Atlantic within a week or two of his death.
We would be so pleased to have more of the story of our grandad so would really appreciate correspondence.
Many thanks and looking forward to your reply.

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