WW2 Associations & Remembrance Sunday - the way forward?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FluffyBunny, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but when did that ever stop me?

    Had a meeting tonight, planning for Remembrance Sunday parade, at which a number of the WW2 Associations were present.

    As age takes its toll, the numbers decline and at some point, we won't have anyone from Burma Star, Normandy Veterans, Dunkirk veterans etc.

    Associations like RAFA, RAA and Para Assoc will probably be OK as they are "refuelled" by recent veterans, but how can we get some continuity for the others?

    Should we try?

    Should the standards be laid up in church somewhere?

    We'd like them in our parade, but who will carry them?

    Any bright ideas welcome.

  2. I used to think the same - dwindling numbers and a disintersted public. But when I paraded at the Cenotaph a few years back I was surprised at the number of younger veterans there. My section had WW2, Kenya, Malasia, NI, Bos, Kos & Iraq vets - all with varying degrees of service. Even some of the TA lads had more medals and more op experience than some of the old & bold. We know that Dunkirk, Normandy, Burma Star assocaitions, etc, will go - its only natural, but others will take their place. We already have a South Atlantic association and I suspect more will follow
  3. May sound a bit like "Field of Dreams" but if you build it they will come.

    Not sure on legalities but sure family members would be honoured to carry Standards in remembrance.

    Failing that as "The Daddy" says there are plenty of new associations to be welcomed in to the fold.
  4. If its a case of the old boys can make it but a bit frail to carry the standard or relatives a bit scarce, how about linking up with a good local ACF Detachment?

    Could be the start of a local tradition to keep the standards on parade?

    The good ones would be proud to carry an extra standard as long as they are not committed else where. Pay the Unit OC a visit and see if they are up to scratch.

    ACF detachments always benefit from links with veterans, also the public and veterans like to see the youngsters well turned out in uniform.

    Always a great way to bridge the generations, the cadets love to hear the old war stories from the characters and helps them link up with the old boys.
  5. Not forgetting the TA, my previous unit had very strong links with the Leeds Rifles Retired Sgts association, getting your 3rd entitled you to join. It also had strong civic links and links with other associations, the link kept the association going. The annual rememberance dinner was a really good night.

    Unfortunatley the disbandment of 3 PWO (and A (Leeds Rifles) Coy) killed the association off. (although I have heard it was reinstated a few years ago)
  6. I would contact RHQ Yorkshire Regiment at York - I'm sure the TA Bn would be happy to consider this given that there is definite lineage - Yorkshire Volunteers,3 PWO, East and West Riding Regiment and now 4 Yorks.
  7. A difficult and emotive problem.

    It's a bit like gravestones.
    Some folk wish ,and do, keep them pristine whilst others allow them to age as events move on.

    IIRC the members of the 8th army ended their reunions- and yes I do realise a reunion is not on the same level as Rememberance - because the members were ageing.

    Perhaps we should allow the colours to be laid up and rely on wreaths be laid in lieu.

    Not, I acknowledge the best alternative, but perhaps acceptable to the memories of those who served and who- together with their close relatives have passed on.

    "We already have a South Atlantic association and I suspect more will follow"

    Yes I think you are right.
    And Rememberance is perhaps slightly more important to the close families of these fallen than of those who fell 90 or 60 years ago.

    This is not tub thumping or ranting but just me quietly reflecting on a growing issue.
  8. Cheers, I've just contacted another WFR Association about another regiment assoc that seems to have died off (I maybe in a position to reinstate it).