WW2 Army Recruiting

I've been researching my own family history and it seems I've found a pattern into which corp my Grandads (&GGF) joined.

They all seemed to have voluntered at their local Territorial Centre, so my Great GF ended up in Notts & Derbys but GF's ended up in the Arty as the two N&D Battalions had converted to Arty.

Guess what I'm getting at is that where you lived altered which corp you joined. So in Nottingham or Derbyshire you be more likely to join Arty but in Notts or Derby you'd more likely join Notts & Derbys (Sigs for Derby). In Leeds it'd have been RTR, Sigs or Arty. Sheffield would have been engineers. Lincoln - infantry.
Grandfather enlisted in '39 at a TAC in Acton served through out the war in his civi trade of baker in RASC ended up with blocking force of Vichy French in west Africa before being sent to 8th army finished up a staffy after Nth Africa/Italy campaign
I think another factor, certainly post-war, was that volunteering to join a corps before you were conscripted was one way of making sure where you'd go. Certainly several of my old seniors recall joining the gunners (as we then were) TA as boys especially so that they didn't get dumped into a less pleasant corps when called up for national service.

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