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Builds WW2 Anderson shelter ( school project)

Nice build and I'm sure your son is chuffed to bits!

Who said ARRSE was all bad?


Not a scale model.............give me a break, thats fooking awesome stuff, course it is. Bloody ace, on a par with Ravers WW1 fighter. Make something else now. WW1 trench scene or something.


Book Reviewer
Excellent stuff.

See me.


Reading your introduction didn't prepare me for how good your model really looks - almost idyllic...

Until the late eighties our garden shed was an Anderson shelter standing on ground level - not ideal as a garden shed but it came with the house when my parents bought it. It was fun to sit on top of.

My cousin and her husband have the very same in their garden. It's a but rusty at the bass, but otherwise in great condition.

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