Reference Image WW2 Aircraft Turrets

I really did mean what's that optical sight on the 50 cal.
Pass, variant of this?
Sperry Gyroscope Company K-13 Compensating Sight on a Browning M-2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, on a B-17 Flying Fortress

edit to add the other side
Thank you, I must vist ASAP. Been thinking of going for a long time. Most of the bombs there were rescued by an instructor from RAF Kirkham and St Athan, Mr Topper Brown, ex RM and British expedition to Russia 1918..
Take an orange.
I'd go when its warmer
A Couple of oddity's for you


Dak31111 - Copy.jpg

Have a search on YouTube for:

Len Deighton Bomber

It's an audio book. I listened through headphones while working. Some of the descriptions of bombers being attacked by nightfighters are horrific to a degree that hadn't occurred to me.

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