WW2 Aircraft recognition please

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 762baynet, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone ID the aircraft in the fore ground? Is it a Typhoon? THe pic was taken at Goodwood revival in about '02/ '04.

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  2. Think, though stand to be corrected it is a Curtiss P40 warhawk


  3. P40 warhawk
  4. P40 Warhawk/ kittyhawk built by Curtiss in the US, used by the USAF, the RAF and the AVG, (Flying Tigers) in Burma and China
  5. Looks very much like a Curtis P-40 Warhawk or variant thereof to me
    Wiki linky here

    (edited for being a mong & spending to long typing without looking to see what else had been added)
  6. Roger that, cheers.
  7. Not used by USAF but by the USAAC (Air Corps) and then USAAF (Army Air Force).
  8. Allright I droped a gooly
  9. That one is in Flying Tigers colours.
  10. It may belong to the OFMC