[WW2] 14th Army / Burma Campaign

So does anyone out there have any suggestions for some good reading material on this area of WW2? Living up to their name it really is a most overlooked campaign compared to some of the others. Knew a bit about it from a few years back but after recently being given a copy of 'Defeat into Victory' by William Slim, a very good book by the way, I want to find out some more about it.
Quartered Safe Out Here by George MacDonald Fraser for the Tom's view.
The Road Past Mandalay by John Masters for Chindits and beyond.
Slim The Standard Bearer for the big chinned fellah's side of things
Fighting Mad by Mad Mike Calvert for 42 retreat and more chindit fun.


The Jungle is Neutral . Spencer F Chapman. A good read

Many years ago I read a book called 'Safer than the known Way'. Author was a young Ghurka officer in charge of a mule train in the Chindits. Wanted to read it again in the light of finding out my father in law was a Chindit but can't find it anywhere.
On Tuesday Poppy Travel went to the book launch of "Constant Vigilance" the history of the RAF Regiment in SEAC.

The RAF Regiment gets a bit of stick on ARRSE - but I learned something new about this campaign. Veterans had some fascinating stories to tell. Mektila is an action which deserves recognition. The advance across Burma left lots of pockets of Japanese around the airstrips. Many of these chaps walked 1000 miles during the advance.

Their SEAC veterans claim to be the forgotten arm of the forgotten airforce of the Forgotten Army.

Its a bit pricy but well worth a read.

PS if you would like to visit Burma contact us. We are going to the following destinations for Remembrance purposes over the next couple of years:-

Rangoon Pilgrimage 7-13 Nov 2007
Chindits Pilgrimage no of Mandalay 24 Feb - 9 Mar 2008
NE India Pilgrimage 2 - 14 April 2008 (Imphal & Kohima)
Rangoon Pilgrimage 7-13 Nov 2007
Burma Rammaree Island 65th Anniversary 18 - 27 March 2009

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