WW1 & WW2 were all in vain! Today Brown surrenders!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. The unelected, non-representative Scottish Prime Minister of what is left of our once great country, Mr Brown, sneaks off to Lisbon today to finally sign the surrender of our national identity, freedom and sovereignty to Germany and her acolites.

    Miliband has written a smoke-screen letter in today's Telegraph - but surely NO-ONE is fooled by the duplicity and lies and spin put out to mask what it all really means.

    Tomorrow we will not be British!

    He will then, with all the thick skinned & bare-faced cheek turn up in Paris to watch England's valiant rugger team attempt the impossible!
  2. Any unemployed snipers out there? One shot.
  3. Nelson and Wellington will be doubtless be spinning in their graves at a rate of knots.
  4. Truly I despair.

    And NOTHING from the opposition! Why hasn't Cameron stood up and reminded Brown that he can not commit the country to it's doom like this?

    Why has he not vowed publicly to undo this awful treasonable crime if his shower get in?

    Why are the bloody politicians not howling from the roof tops about broken manifesto promises?

    Why do we all give in so fcuking easily? Surely, Revolution is nigh.......?

    Foot & Mouth Disease, Blue Tongue, HIPs, Selling off the nations' Gold Reserves, scrapping the Royal Yacht, Surrendering our independance: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr Brown's pitiful legacy. Cnut.
  5. We all know why the 'grinning spiv' sucked European Soviet Union arse because he wanted to be the first 'Emperor'.

    Why is 'Bottler' Brown determined to renege on an election promise and to kow-tow to the unelected (as he is) unaccountable apparatchiks of the European Soviet Union? Could it be to gain special treatment for 'his' country - Scotland - when that country has full independence (courtesy of 'McBottler') and membership of the European Soviet Union?

    As for 'legacy' mentioned by a previous poster. Bliar's is simple:
    'The Worst Prime Minister of Modern Times - perhaps ever';

    'McBottler's' may be to be even worse!!!!!!!
  6. Top of my head (without googling)- the only election promise that this set of monkeys has kept is the one to ban hunting with dogs.
  7. Jesus guys, its only a piece of paper......

    At the end of the day any law or treaty is only valid if supported by the people/parliament of a nation.

    One simple vote or election and the EU can be kicked into touch - simply because they are not an elected representitive body.

    The EU parliament? simply vote for members who wish it to be dissolved - easy.

    Pieces of paper don't build or protect nations, a nations military does that.
  8. We haven't been British for a long time................
  9. In his ten years as Prime Minister, Tony Blair has introduced a new law every three-and-a- quarter hours, new research reveals.
    Since 1997, an average of 2,685 laws have been passed every year - a 22 per cent rise on the previous decade.
    They have covered subjects ranging from the importing of bed linen to the evaluation of statistics on labour costs.
    The figure does not include European Union laws which also affect Britain - last year, 2,100 of those were passed, bringing the total to 4,785 or 13 every day, according to legal publishers Sweet & Maxwell.
    Of the laws, 98 per cent were brought in by statutory instruments, rather than Acts of Parliament. The procedure allows less time for debate by MPs than the tabling of a Bill.
    The statutes themselves have become longer, with five Acts passed last year taking more than 100 pages to explain, three of them more than 200, another above 300, another above 500 and one more than 700 pages long.
    Shadow Cabinet Office minister Oliver Heald said: "Tony Blair and Gordon Brown think the answer to everything is to make a new law.
    "But, after creating thousands of new laws, violent crime has doubled."
    A spokesman for the Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, said: "Politicians often equate legislation with action.
    "But the growing complexity of the law is the main reason trials are taking longer and costing more."
    A No.10 spokesman said: "The Government makes no apology for legislating where necessary to improve the lives of people in this country."

    My bold.
    This government doesn't even bebate half the laws of the country in parliament anymore, so why should they care if Germany or France make them up for us.

    It appears new liarbour are resposible for stealth laws aswell as stealth taxes.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Guys we have three choices:
    1 Shut up.
    2 Put up.
    3 Leave the country and go somewhere else.

    If you want to do something about it then do something about it. If not then winge as much as you like and wish we'd done something about it once its all gone t1ts up.

    Or do what tens of thousands did last year and more will do this year, leave the country. Speaking for my self and my Mrs, we have just restructured our work so that she will be in Spain I'll be working here and commuting from Spain. The reasons for this are many fold but can be encapsulated thus.

    Its a cheaper and better life in Spain but I can make more money here.

    I appologise in advance to the rest of you as you will now be shouldering a bigger share of the tax burden. I'll be paying mine in Spain. However as recompense I can offer cheap accomodation if anyone wants a break.
  11. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  12. So that he can point the finger of blame at Cameron and say innocently: "It wasn´t us guv"

    Methinks we´re a bit overstretched as it is at the moment :wink:
  13. So you support each of the 3000+ pieces of legislation enacted in the last decade? The only ones that I actually know of I disapprove of.
  14. I predict a riot,
    I predict a riot!
  15. I'm confused. The above, and the following, can't both be true. It's a logical impossibility. So who's mistaken, or is telling lies?